Long Term Damage from Untreated Vein Disease

Long Term Damage from Untreated Vein Disease

The effects of vein disease can vary for everyone, but one thing is for certain: You can expect some kind long-term damage if you do not treat your vein disease. The effects of vein disease can be more severe the longer you wait for treatment. Here is the long term damage you can expect from untreated vein disease:

Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

The first two stages of vein disease are the most common. In fact, spider veins and varicose veins are the highest reported conditions of vein disease. Both may be superficial but can be a primary indicator for future issues. Spider veins will start with dilated capillary vessels and lead to interfering symptoms. Moving around can be more difficult when varicose veins develop and cause rope-like appearances of your veins. Make sure to seek treatment immediately when you start to see the appearance of spider veins and varicose veins.

Leg Edema

If you leave your vein disease unchecked, you can develop leg edema, also known as the third clinical class of vein disease. This condition occurs when your leg begins to swell due to the backflow in your venous system. Your body begins to have difficulty reabsorbing liquid, causing this backflow and eventual swelling. Fortunately, the swelling can be reduced by elevating your legs, but it will be a continual issue if left untreated.

Skin Changes

The longer vein disease is untreated, the more severe the symptoms that will develop. You will begin to notice skin changes due to venous congestion. At this fourth stage of vein disease, you can see changes such as thinning skin tissue, discoloration, and injuries that take longer to heal. The color changes can appear as a reddish-brown or white color where normal skin color was seen before.

Leg Ulcers

The most advanced forms of vein disease can show the appearance of leg ulcers. When venous congestion becomes the most impacted, it will start to affect your blood flow. This can lead to skin injuries healing very slowly and a lack of nutrition to your skin. Even with treatment, 20% of leg ulcers will remain. Do not let you vein disease remain untreated or risk these severe symptoms that can be life-changing.

Where to Seek Treatment

If you believe you are at risk of vein disease, make sure you contact the Laser Vein Center today. Dr. Wright and his team of experts will help you achieve the help you need to reduce the risk of this long-term damage to your body.