Veinwave Treatment Cost for Spider Veins & Telangiectasia

veinwave treatment cost

Spider veins, formally known in the medical field as telangiectasia, are a common occurrence often developing just below the surface of the skin and seen in men and women alike. While spider veins may be a frequent development, it doesn’t make them any less frustrating for those individuals who value smooth, clear, and youthful-looking skin. While this cosmetic standard for skin may be hard to maintain in the long-term in large part due to the natural aging process, the development of spider veins can be a roadblock for those that work hard to keep skin healthy as well as an indicator of an underlying venous insufficiency that requires attention. Understanding where these veins originate is an important first step in determining the right place of action for reducing or eliminating spider veins over time using techniques and treatments like veinwave treatment.

Understanding What Causes Spider Veins

While the development of spider veins across the body has long been linked to factors such as excessive UV rays exposure, genetic predisposition, and even hormonal fluctuations during certain phases of life, one of the primary factors in their development is often linked to the development of varicose veins. As veins move oxygen-depleted from the rest of the body back to the heart for replenishing and redistribution, they are aided in their efforts against gravity by one-way valves. In the event that one of these valves malfunctions or fails, blood is allowed to flow the wrong direction and can begin to pool in the veins. Over time, this pooling causes stress and pressure on the veins leading to swelling and often the development of painful and twisting varicose veins. Blood from these veins looks for a new route to circulate and this act can result in the development of spider veins at the surface of the skin.

Recognizing Spider Veins

Where varicose veins are often accompanied by several painful symptoms ranging from swelling and discoloration to aching and potential difficulty with mobility, spider veins tend to be more of a cosmetic issue showing up without associated symptoms. Spider veins are often recognized as damaged vessels showing up just below the surface of the skin in webbings that feature blues, reds, and even purple hues. They can appear anywhere on the body including the face.

Treatment Options for Patients

While spider veins showing up anywhere on the body can be a concern for individuals, those that show up as colorful webs on the face particularly tend to find men and women heading out in pursuit of answers and solutions. Fortunately, great advances in cosmetic technology and techniques mean that patients today can move well-beyond options such as vein stripping and enjoy a variety of treatments for veins that are both non-invasive and offer up minimal to non-existent recovery times. Among these treatment options, VeinWave treatment has made its way to the top of the list for those patients looking for a safe, effective, and non-invasive route to treating spider veins.

Benefits of VeinWave

The precision that VeinWave treatment offers up when treating spider veins makes it a wonderful option for those patients that are looking to reduce or eliminate problematic veins that are considered too small in size to benefit from sclerotherapy. VeinWave can be used anywhere on the body but Veinwave results show best on those looking to remove spider veins from the face.

Once the treatment site has been clearly marked by the attending physician, VeinWave begins with the insertion of a very small and insulated needle injected near the problematic vein. Using thermocoagulation, VeinWave heats the vein to the point of closure without causing damage to surrounding tissue. The needle used with VeinWave is so small that local anesthetic isn’t required to maintain comfort standards for patients and there’s generally no evidence of the needle in the way of scarring or incision marks once the treatment is complete. In total, patients can expect this process to take around 15 minutes and normal, everyday activities can be resumed as soon as treatment is done. Be sure to contact us to learn more about the VeinWave treatment cost.

Great Candidates for VeinWave

Those individuals looking to treat small spider veins that might be found across the face, knees, arms, legs, or other areas that often prove delicate to treat will likely find that VeinWave is a wonderful solution to reaching their cosmetic goals. Those that are suffering from bleeding disorders, have epilepsy, or are currently pregnant would not be ideal candidates to undergo this type of treatment. Be sure to read through our Veinwave reviews!

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Veinwave Treatment FAQs

Question: Can Veinwave treat veins of all sizes?


Yes, the Veinwave is only effective on the smallest red veins. It doesn’t work that well on larger purple/blue veins.

Question: Will Veinwave treat varicose veins?


No, the Veinwave can not treat veins the size of varicose veins.


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