Facial & Hand Vein Treatment

Removing Unsightly Veins from Face and Hands in Our Office


In addition to leg veins, there is almost no area of the body on which we have not treated either varicose or spider veins. After leg and hand vein treatment, the most commonly treated body areas are the hands, temples/face, breast/chest and spider veins on the neck and back. Vaginal varicosities, which may follow pregnancy, are also treated. These veins heal rapidly and results of their treatment are excellent.


Facial Vein Treatment Procedures

Prominent veins in the temple area often follow facial reconstructive surgery and unsightly breast veins are frequently seen after breast augmentation. These veins may detract from an otherwise perfect cosmetic results. Treating them provides the “finishing touch.” When temple veins are treated, there may be short-term bruising and edema (swelling) around the eye. It must be emphasized that veins around the eye are separate and distinct from veins in the skull, and that vein therapy in the area of the eye is absolutely safe.

Facial Vein Treatment in Our St. Louis Office
Individual Results May Vary

Facial veins, whether presenting as tiny red lines or matted telangiectasia are easily treated in our office with VeinWave. VeinWave is a painless, brief facial vein treatment during which radiofrequency treats the veins, causing them to close. Visible veins on the cheek or along the sides of the nose are eliminated using this device.

Hand Vein Sclerotherapy Procedures

Many women are self-conscious about the way their hands look. Some have unusually large bulging veins that are very masculine – others object to “the old lady look” of hand veins. Plastic surgeons know that while facial surgery helps you look younger, hands often reveal your true age. Hand vein sclerotherapy, as done in our offices, offers a fast, simple, and virtually painless way to have younger looking hands. The results are dramatic and long lasting.

Injecting hand veins is similar to injection leg veins. Both procedures are done in our office and no anesthetic is needed.  Only medications with a long record of safety are used, and all equipment is single-use and disposable. A small cotton compression bandage is worn for two hours after treatment. Hand vein sclerotherapy is virtually painless. You may drive home immediately. All activity, without limitation, is permitted.

Treatment for Hand Veins in our St. Charles County Office
Individual Results May Vary

The anatomy of the arm and hand is very much like that of the leg and foot. There are many veins which are able to return blood to the heart. Superficial veins (the surface veins we can see under the skin) are not essential, since there is a rich network of deep veins that is more than adequate to drain the hand. When treating hand and arm veins, we are always careful to preserve at least one arm vein for future administration of intravenous medications.

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In a nutshell, there is no significant risk associated with hand vein treatment. Mild hand swelling may be present for a few days and there may also be some tenderness in treated areas, but these resolve quickly.

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