Varicose Veins Prevention & Compression Stockings

Can Varicose or Spider Veins Be Prevented By Vein Specialties in St Louis?

There is no way to completely guarantee spider vein prevention and varicose vein prevention, however the following measures may act to decrease the severity of symptoms of existing varicose veins and/or prevent new veins from forming:

Exercise – Taking periodic walks, or other similar aerobic exercise, activates the calf muscles which will ‘pump’ venous blood out of the legs, reducing vein pooling and pressure, critical to varicose vein prevention. Additionally, maintaining good general muscle tone will improve your overall circulation.

Weight Control – Maintaining close to ideal weight with diet or other measures will reduce blood pressure and stress on your veins.

Watch What You Wear – Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing that can cause vessel constriction or injury. Wearing flat or low heels requires greater activation of calf muscles during walking and thereby improves leg circulation.

Leg Elevation – Raising your legs while resting (especially above your heart level) will assist blood flow in the veins, causing less pooling and better drainage in the leg veins.

Avoid Long Periods of Sitting or Standing – If you must sit or stand still for extended periods, try to take a periodic walk or at least flex your ankles up and down. Also, avoid crossing your legs when sitting to aid in varicose vein prevention and good blood flow.

Wear Compression Stockings – Graduated compression stockings can assist your venous circulation and help prevent conditions like deep vein thrombosis. Consider wearing them when taking long airplane or car rides.

Varicose veins prevention with compression stockingsPredisposition to varicose veins depends on heredity and can’t really be prevented. But for those with a genetic tendency, the chronic dilation may benefit through use of medical compression stockings to help vein walls keep their shape and prevent stretch. The best are obtained with a prescription and fit by a doctor: It’s important that their compression be graduated, with a strong compression at the ankle that lessens up the length of the stocking. This helps blood in being pushed upwards through the vein.

Other measures that may help are being vigilant about pressure on vein valves. Avoiding standing for long periods, sitting so that there’s no pressure on the backs of thighs, and walking frequently all assist healthy vein function.

How Do Compression Stockings Help?

These stockings, when properly fitted, push vein walls. This helps the veins not distend and allows them to push blood upwards against gravity without it pooling or flowing backwards. This helps the symptoms of vein problems, and may help prevent clots from forming.

It’s important in treating vein disease to reduce swelling. Ankles are the site of some of the most apparent swelling. Stockings should provide support here. Medical compression is important; off-the-shelf stockings may not offer the necessary graduated support that will medically benefit veins.

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