Why Choose Us?

Are you someone who is bothered by varicose veins or spider veins? Our St Louis, Missouri vein center has a comprehensive treatment plan for every aspect of vein care. For the larger or more serious vein problems, treatment begins with an ultrasound technique to evaluate the venous circulation of blood in the patient’s extremities. If a backflow of blood is found, it can be treated with a minimally invasive office procedure called Endovenous Laser Ablation.  Smaller vein problems like spider veins also get expert attention.  Most people think of spider veins (a milder version of varicose veins) are mostly a cosmetic concern, but they can still cause a lot of discomfort in your legs and can lead to more serious medical problems.  Veins with cosmetic issues are treated with a procedure called Sclerotherapy, a treatment that closes and erases superficial veins.

At the Laser Vein Center, we provide the most comprehensive treatment for vein problems— big and small—all in one convenient location.

We Provide the Best Care for our Patients

Our staff is highly trained and friendly, giving patients the Missouri vein care they need. From the initial consultation to diagnosis and follow-up treatments, we tailor each patient’s care and treatment in order to meet his or her specific needs.  Phone calls are answered by a receptionist and after the procedure, check-up calls are made by a nurse.

Unlike surgery centers or hospitals that treat dozens of patients per hour, and feel like they’re on an assembly line, we see only a few patients per hour, offering plenty of individual attention by our skilled and friendly staff. You don’t have to traverse long parking lots and hallways or go from one department to another to get the care and attention you need.

Our locations are convenient and discreet. No large building to navigate. Free convenient parking in front of the building. Warm comfortable atmosphere with terry robes and cloth shorts.

We Work with Insurance Companies to Save You Money

Maintaining the health of your venous system is important for maintaining your overall health. We are proud to be an in-network provider for all the local health insurers so we will be the most affordable to our patient.

In the interest of giving our patients the best value, we never charge facility fees, radiologist fees, or anesthesia fees. These procedures are part of your treatment, and they shouldn’t cost extra. These fees charged by other providers can nearly double the cost of a procedure.

In order to maximize your insurance benefits, our office expert works hand-in-hand with the insurance companies.

We also offer cash/financing options in case you need additional help. Financing is available through CareCredit.

Dr. Wright is Highly Regarded by His Peers and Patients

As a board-certified member of Phlebology, Dr. Wright was named the Top Phlebologist in the Nation by HealthTap.  Phlebology is the specialty that treats the totality of venous disease.

Dr. Wright was voted by his peers as one of St Louis Top Docs, several times. Over the years, Dr. Wright has received the “Patient’s Choice Award” and the “Most Compassionate Doctor Award”  multiple times.

He has authored and presented several scientific papers on new surgical techniques for the treatment of venous insufficiency. In 2012, he won honors from the American College of Phlebology for his original research. His specialties include venous health, minimally invasive body sculpting techniques, and vein treatment

Schedule your initial and personal consultation with Dr. Wright today, where you can discuss your vein concerns and needs for a better, healthier body.


We are an in-network provider for all the major insurance plans. Our Missouri vein center also has the lowest contracted rates. This means quite a bit to patients with high deductible health insurance plans. The contracted rates can be a fraction of the price of hospital-owned vein centers. The laser vein center is private and does not add facility fees and other significant costs to the treatment. The total cost for the treatment is often a fraction of the cost of hospital-employed vein centers, sometimes as low as one-tenth the cost. It is not that cost is so low, rather the hospital systems have huge administrative burdens so their cost is so much higher. To a patient with a high deductible that is often paying a significant portion of the medical expense, the difference can run into the thousands of dollars.

  • We’re not only an in-network provider for all the local health insurers, but we’ve also got the lowest contracted fee for providers.
  • We are a full-service vein center, which enables us to provide you full diagnostic services and comprehensive treatment. No facility fees, radiologist fees, or anesthesia fees.
  • We have a full-time employee who works with the insurance companies and helps patients navigate insurance, maximizing your benefits.
  • We offer cash/financing options.