What is Compression Therapy?

compression stockings

One of the oldest and most common treatment procedures in vein disease is using compression therapy. But what is compression therapy, exactly? This is a process where you wear compression garments such as stockings for legs or sleeves for arms. This helps improve circulation and decreases the swelling that is a part of vein disease. You would normally wear it during daylight hours only. However, there are occasions in which you may have to wear it 24 hours a day. Your physician will be able to make that decision based on your case.

Most vein diseases are symptoms of a more complex underlying medical condition. This is why we highly recommend a licensed medical professional to conduct an early examination, diagnosis, and treatment. During your search for a vein doctor, you should first call Dr. Wright and The Laser Vein Center. Read on for more information about compression therapy!

How Do Compression Therapy Services Work?

A compression garment is designed to be tighter at the bottom, growing closer as it climbs up the affected limb. This helps keep blood flowing in the right direction as it provides support. When you use them on legs, they work with the natural movement of the calf muscles to promote circulation.

Do I Have to Use the Prescription Types?

Every patient has a different situation. Due to this, the person supplying the garment makes these prescription compression therapy garments to the dimension of the affected limb. They measure the patient to ensure a precise and custom fit. You could also get these garments over the counter. However, they can’t modify it and the garments only come in basic small, medium, and large sizes. This is not always beneficial to patients.

Used Alone or in Conjunction with Surgery

Once we’ve conducted the laser surgery on the veins, we’ll prescribe compression stockings to the patient for a certain time. This will give the affected areas time to heal safely. However, if you use compression therapy garments alone, they can be equally effective on less severe vein diseases. Furthermore, we “prescribe” lifestyle changes with the garments. This will lessen the chances of vein disorders reoccurring. However, if the patient is genetically prone to vein disorders, there is a high chance that it will reoccur.

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