Medical Vein Center Treatment

Foam SclerotherapyAre you suffering from vein disease and experiencing symptoms such as tired, restless legs? Perhaps you are experiencing swelling or itchiness. Likewise, maybe your skin just doesn’t look right and you really don’t like those visible veins.

In short, people often misunderstood veins diseases, and because of this, they go untreated. For example, many people don’t treat varicose veins properly. In other words, people see these vein diseases as a cosmetic issue, rather than a medical one. However, they are an issue that deserves varicose vein medical treatment.

Certainly, vein disease can become a serious medical condition. Above all, venous insufficiency is what causes spider veins and other more serious varicose vein issues. Moreover, this insufficiency can cause venous hypertension, which can lead to more serious reactions in the veins. Some of these reactions can include your veins and vascular system getting much weaker.

In conclusion, as vein disease progresses, it can affect your skin and its health. Furthermore, it can even lead to discoloration, ulcers, or sores. Most serious of all, a potentially fatal deep vein thrombosis can develop.

Medical Vein Center Treatments for Vein Issues

The first step in medical vein treatment is diagnosis using ultrasound mapping. Certainly, this procedure can indicate if there are venous insufficiencies and what the proper treatment should be. Dr. Wright and his staff at St. Louis Laser Vein Center have a lot of knowledge and experience in vein conditions. Furthermore, they will diagnose your vein issues properly, whether they are cosmetic or medical.

On top of that, the medical vein center treatment includes several possible procedures. Below, we discuss some of the methods used by Dr. Wright and his team.



Endovenous vein treatment is actually an alternative to the older method of vein stripping. In short, we gently insert a small laser fiber or radiofrequency probe into the vein. In addition, we then send pulses into the vein, which causes it to collapse and seal shut.


We often perform Sclerotherapy on deeper veins, below those ones that we treat using EVLT. During a sclerotherapy procedure, we monitor the insertion of a needle using ultrasound. Furthermore, we inject a liquid or foam sclerosant, which causes the vein to collapse.

St. Louis Laser Vein Center

We treat all patients with vein issues as individual cases at St. Louis Laser Vein Center. Furthermore, we understand that some patients are dealing with cosmetic vein issues, while others are suffering from serious medical issues.

In conclusion, we want to ensure that our patients receive the very best care and procedures. Consequently, this is why we urge anyone with vein concerns to schedule an initial complimentary consultation. This is when our medical vein center can delve into your individual case, and discuss the available treatments and procedures.