Get Rid of Hard to Treat Spider Veins on the Face and Hands

spider veins of face

Vein disease can impact most of the areas the body. While most people may be accustomed to hearing about spider veins and varicose veins on the legs, they can appear in other places too. Specifically, spider veins can show up on your face and varicose veins on the hands, doing serious damage to your self-confidence. Luckily, we offer a variety of treatments that can help you clear up these spider veins on the face and varicose veins with ease.

Treating Facial Spider Veins

When it comes to spider veins on the face, there is no better treatment than VeinWave. spider veins on the face can appear as tiny red lines, otherwise known as matted telangiectasia. VeinWave is a painless treatment that can be completed in a matter of minutes depending on the size of your vein outbreak. VeinWave uses radiofrequency waves to target your veins, causing them to close off. The radiofrequency waves are dispersed from a handheld device we use to target individual areas on your face. This procedure can easily remove spider veins around the eyes, on the cheeks, and down your nose. Some patients may experience temporary bruising and swelling when used around the eyes.

Treating Spider Veins on the Hands

They say that your hands show off your true age. Unfortunately, varicose veins on the hands can be quite noticeable as they can bulge and become twisted. Removing varicose veins from the hands starts with a procedure known as sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy uses an injected sclerosant to close off the affected veins and redirect blood flow to other healthy veins. The vein structure in the hand is very similar to the leg, making it just as easy to treat. Our sclerotherapy procedure leaves behind at least one arm vein to make sure everything continues to function properly. Patients should expect to wear a cotton compression garment for a few hours following the procedure.

Get Ready for Fewer Problematic Veins Today

Treating varicose veins on your hands and spider veins on your face is just the starting point for our vein treatments. Finding healthy veins can be achieved with our thorough procedures that start with a free consultation. You will become familiar with your treatment plan prior to starting up with the procedure. Call today and see if these vein treatments are right for you.