Desk Exercises to Maintain Healthy Blood Flow

healthy blood flow

While most of us work a desk job, we may not know the possible implications it has on our bodies. Remained seated in a stationary position all day can greatly impact the blood flow in our bodies. If we continue to sit for hours on end every workday, you will most likely develop some type of vein complication. Vein issues occur when the blood flow in our legs becomes stagnant, resulting in blood sitting in our leg veins. You can help prevent this potential issue by completing simple exercises at your desk. These will help increase the healthy blood flow in your legs and keep your veins working well.

Ankle Rolls

One of the easiest ways to help with blood circulation in your legs is to roll your ankles. Rolling your ankles clockwise and counter clockwise multiple times will help improve blood circulation. We may sometimes feel that “tingling” sensation in our feet when blood flow has been restricted. Prevent this from happening by frequently rolling your ankles.

Calf Raises

Stretching your calves is very important for your vein health. Calf raises are an easy to perform exercise that you can do from your desk either sitting or standing. Start by lifting up your legs to the balls of your feet and then set them back down again. Do this multiple times until you feel comfortably tired. Continue to repeat this exercise every hour to help prevent any blood clots that can develop in your legs. Individuals can become more prone to blood clots as they age and continue to work from behind a computer.

Leg Crunches

Help out your entire leg by performing leg crunches or raises right at your desk. Simply take a few minutes to lift up your legs starting at the knee. Raise your legs approximately 12 inches off the floor before returning them back to the ground. Complete each leg separately for your own comfort. After doing 20 raises with each leg, stretch for at least 15 seconds. This will help release any stress in your legs.

Get Healthy Blood Flow with Your Veins Today

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