3 New Tips for Maintaining Healthy Veins

healthy veins

There is no shortage of ways to help maintain healthy veins over time. While genetics play a big factor in the development of vein issues, they can also be due to factors that are easily prevented. Took a look at these vein tips that will help you maintain healthy veins:

Stay Active

It goes without saying that remaining active can help your entire body stay as healthy as possible in a variety of ways. This includes our vein health, as maintaining an exercise routine will help keep our blood pumping to your limbs and back to your heart. Physical activity can vary with how much you are able to handle. Younger individuals who do not experience pain should find it easier to maintain a regular exercise schedule. Older individuals or those who experience chronic pain will find it much harder to stay active. If you fit in the latter category, you can remain active by simply taking a daily walk, getting up for a stretch break when at your work desk for an hour, or finding a personal hobby that will keep you moving. Swimming is a great activity that is easy on the joints and can be enjoyed by individuals of all activity levels.

Wear Compression Sleeves or Socks

If you have sought out our expertise with veins already, you may have been prescribed compression garments. These compression sleeves or socks are great for individuals who need extra help contracting their muscles around their veins. There are many brands and strengths of compression socks and sleeves. With no visible varicose veins, an over the counter compression sleeve may be fine to help with leg fatigue. The more significant vein or swelling problems require a medical-grade compression for the best results. Compression garment on the legs helps your veins pump blood back up to your heart. Pairing compression socks or sleeves with physical activity can help maintain a healthy blood circulation that leads to healthier veins.

Put Down That Cigarette

One of the biggest things to avoid when hoping to achieve healthy veins is smoking. The chemicals in cigarettes are harmful, as they deoxygenate and even thicken our blood. Nicotine is also harmful, causing vascular hardening and narrowing our veins. Luckily, the dangers of smoking are known by most, but if you are ever unsure, make sure to put out that cigarette.

Seek Your Vein Treatment Today

If you are predisposed to faulty veins or are experiencing concerns, make sure to seek our treatment today. We offer a variety of vein treatments to help you keep you on your feet. Simply give us a call today to schedule a free consultation and see how our treatments can help you restore your vein health!