Is It Time for You to Consider Endovenous Laser Treatment for Your Veins?

Endovenous laser treatment

If you are experiencing aching legs or your legs are feeling tired and restless, it may be time for you to consider endovenous laser treatment. Vein problems can impact us in a variety of ways such as swelling, burning, or the appearance of rope-like veins across your legs. When you choose Dr. Wright and his team to treat your veins, you will receive a comprehensive approach. Endovenous laser treatment starts with diagnosing your vein difficulties through noninvasive ultrasound mapping. This allows us to get real-time images of your veins. Once the venous reflux has been found it can be ablated with endovenous laser treatment.

Alternate to Vein Stripping

The best part of endovenous laser treatment is its quick and painless nature. Vein treatments have continued to develop over the years, allowing them to become less and less invasive. Treatments of old such as vein stripping required significant surgical procedures that would require lengthy bed rest. Now you can treat your vein issues without having to take multiple days off from work. Endovenous laser treatments work by using a small fiber that is inserted into the damaged vein. The treatment area will be numbed so you do not feel a thing. The fiber then delivers a pulse of energy that will cause the vein to shut and collapse. Your body will eventually absorb the left-over vein material through natural processes, removing the unsightly appearance. Patients remain comfortable throughout the procedure with the use of local anesthesia. Following your endovenous laser treatment, you will be given compression stockings to help your legs heal quickly.

More Effective Than Ever

When choosing a professional like Dr. Wright, you will have your vein issues dealt with appropriately. His team treats vein disease by targeting the source of the problem. Then, the downstream veins that are dilated and leaking will be targeted for the most effective results possible. This step by step procedure make the treatment more effective, leaving you with incredible results.

Is It Costly?

Endovenous laser treatment will not leave you with a hole in your wallet. In fact, this treatment is significantly cheaper in cost as compared to vein stripping. If you think you could benefit from endovenous laser treatment, contact the St. Louis Laser Vein Center today for your free consultation!