Clear Up Facial Veins with VeinWave


The appearance of facial veins can begin as you get older, and they can be difficult to remove through standard vein removal options such as sclerotherapy. This is due to the small size of the veins in our face making them tricky to target for removal. Instead, we use a quick and painless procedure called VeinWave to help reduce the appearance of any facial veins you do not want.

How It Works

VeinWave is a simple procedure we are able to provide right in our office. This treatment utilizes radio waves that are sent out in pulses from an easy to navigate handheld device. This allows us to specifically target different areas on the face with ease. The device uses extremely fine and insulated needles that are inserted into the treatment area. The radio waves are sent directly to the vein, breaking it down and allowing it to be removed by the body’s natural processes.

The Procedure

Our patients can be directly administered VeinWave in the comfort of our office. Each procedure typically only lasts for 15 minutes, meaning you will be in and out with ease. Adults who are generally in good health can benefit from VeinWave. The treatment is able to target thin spider veins and also thread-like veins that are thicker. Best of all, VeinWave does not have the possibility of bruising and scarring like other vein treatments can have. You will have virtually zero downtime following this easy procedure, letting you return back to your daily activities right away.

Benefits of VeinWave

The benefits of VeinWave start with the capability of targeting tiny veins that sclerotherapy cannot treat. State of the art technology allows us to provide the results you want with ease. Your initial evaluation will walk you through each step of VeinWave before you commit to the procedure.
Treats More Than Just Facial Veins

VeinWave can be used not only your face but also the ankles and knees. These difficult to treat areas can utilize VeinWave for a quick and pain-free procedure.

Achieve Perfect Vein Health Today

VeinWave is one of the many incredible vein treatment options we offer at the Laser Vein Center. Each procedure starts with a free consultation so you understand what the treatment entails. Dr. Wright and his highly trained team have decades of experience in offering the best vein care in the state. Call the Laser Vein Center today and see how you can achieve better vein health!