Tips for Vein Health Over the Winter

vein health

There is no time during the year where you should stop considering your vein health. The winter season is especially important, as your vein health can be at risk due to the dropping temperatures and holiday temptations you will experience. By following the listed tips below, you can ensure your continued good health throughout the season:

Eat Tasty Holiday Cookies in Moderation

One of the fastest ways to forget about your hard-earned diet is getting a smell of holiday cookies baking in the oven. It is easy to fall off the wagon during the winter season, but make sure you continue eating well. One of the best ways to maintain healthy veins is by eating plenty of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. The nutrients found in these food items are crucial in building strength in the vein walls in your legs. Having stronger veins can also help reduce swelling for those who experience vein issues. You don’t have to avoid ALL holiday sweets; just be sure not to overindulge.

Be Mobile

It is also easy to become stationary during the winter as you spend hours hiding from the cold weather under a blanket. Make sure you are still mobile during the winter by taking walks. This can easily be done by shopping in a mall for gifts, walking around to each store. Those who have access to a treadmill should make sure to use it during the winter as well. When we become inactive, our blood can build up in our veins. Make sure this does not happen to you by keeping active during the winter.

Don’t Cut Back on Your Workouts

Hiding under the blanket will not only make it easier to forget about being mobile but it will also interfere with your workout regime. While walking to keep your blood moving is important, you also want to make sure you maintain a healthy weight. As mentioned, having access to a treadmill can make it easier to exercise without braving the cold. Gaining weight can increase the pressure on our veins, making it easier for vein issues to come up. Avoid this potential by continuing your exercises during the winter.

Your Vein Health Help This Winter

Do not let the cold weather disrupt all the good habits that can help keep your veins healthy. If you are experiencing vein issues, make sure you do not hesitate and contact us today. We will help you with vein disease, no matter what season of the year it is.