Low Impact Exercises to Improve Circulation

exercises to improve circulation

Improving your circulation can be as easy as participating in your favorite physical activity. You should not wait until circulation issues arise but instead complete a weekly routine of simple, low impact exercises to help improve the blood flow in your body. Here are some easy exercises to improve circulation that we recommend:


Perhaps the most popular and easy to access low impact exercise is yoga. This simple workout involves moving your body in different directions that will twist, bend, and stretch your limbs. Yoga is incredibly powerful as it compresses and decompresses your veins, thus improving circulation. The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology even found that yoga can help improve your overall cardiovascular system and metabolism. Yoga experts recommend starting with the downward facing dog position to start improving your circulation.


While walking will not have your bodies circulation pumping quite as well it can help for individuals with less mobility. This easy exercise is best done on a treadmill where you can control the speed and incline of your walk.


While jogging might be harder on the body when compared to walking, it can be extremely beneficial even at the slowest jog. Going out for a jog helps improve your veins’ dilation and makes them more efficient. This allows our body, including our muscles, to utilize oxygen more effectively. Once you start to improve your circulation, you will notice how much less tiring this workout will be.


Last but not least is swimming. If you have not used swimming to help improve your circulation, you are missing out. Swimming is a great activity that is easy on the limbs and joints. If you have mobility issues, you may find that swimming is a lot easier to manage than jogging or yoga. If you do experience pain while swimming or are not confident in your strokes, feel free to wear a life jacket to help you stay afloat. Doing some laps back and forth across a pool can be done in a short amount of time, helping immensely with your circulation.

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