Debunking the Myths Surrounding Vein Disease

Vein Disease

You should not believe everything you find on the internet, and the same can be said for medical conditions. There is a lot to be said about vein disease, and much of it found online is false. Help yourself out by understanding the difference between the facts and myths surrounding vein disease.

Vein Disease is Cosmetic Only – False

Vein disease encompasses a variety of different vein complications. More minor conditions such as spider veins are superficial and do not provide any kind of health impact. On the other hand, more serious conditions such as varicose veins can lead to further medical issues. Vein disease treatments are not just to help get rid of unwanted skin blemishes. While that might be the case for spider veins, it can greatly alter your health if other forms of vein disease are left untreated.

Insurance Will Not Touch Vein Disease Treatments – False

As mentioned, certain forms of vein disease can provide a further health impact and require immediate treatment. Insurance plans want to get ahead of conditions like these and will cover some treatments. We will help you find out which treatment plans will be covered by your insurance plan.

You Only Need Compression Stockings – False

One of the most conservative forms of treatment we can provide is fitted compression stockings. These are a great noninvasive treatment that will prevent certain forms of vein disease from progressing any further. But this treatment can only go so far. More developed conditions such as varicose veins require more extensive treatments. No longer are vein treatments highly invasive; most treatments can be completed in under an hour and have you back on your feet in a short time.

Varicose Veins Keep Coming Back – False

Vein treatments have advanced over the years, making them even more successful. A common myth back from the 90s was that varicose veins would eventually return. You no longer have to worry about this myth as current treatments are almost 100% effective.

Getting Your Vein Treatments Today

Do not wait any longer in seeking out the vein treatment you need. Our trusted staff will provide you with an individualized treatment plan based upon your personal needs. Our treatments start with a free consultation to understand your condition better and create the best plan to treat your vein disease. Let the St. Louis Laser Vein Center help you today.