Endovenous Laser Treatment vs Vein Stripping

Varicose Vein Removal

In previous decades, vein stripping was the only treatment considered for varicose vein removal. These bulging veins can be uncomfortable and lead to future issues if not treated before additional symptoms start to develop. Vein stripping is a highly invasive treatment that utilizes surgical incisions to physically remove the veins. Over recent years, less-invasive treatments have developed, allowing you to achieve similar results without the complications of surgery. Here is how vein stripping compares to endovenous laser treatments:

The Procedure

Vein stripping entails the physician removing the impacted veins from behind the knee or around the groin area. Your greater saphenous vein is tied before the procedure begins so blood flow is minimized to the treated veins. Most procedures can take around 90 minutes to complete and requires the use of general anesthesia.

Endovenous laser treatment is a recently developed, minimally invasive procedure that uses laser energy to collapse varicose veins. The vein walls are heated with laser energy, causing them to seal off from the rest of the body. Our bodies have more than enough veins in the leg to reroute the blood to healthier veins. Endovenous laser treatments use only local anesthesia which keeps our patients comfortable as the optic fiber is inserted into the vein. Best of all, endovenous laser treatments do not require any major surgical incisions.

The Results

Both procedures will help you with varicose vein removal. Patients of vein stripping will experience several weeks of recovery as the body heals from the invasive procedure, however, patients can typically go home the same day. Patients of endovenous laser treatments can also return home right away and can return to their daily schedule within 24 hours. Some mild redness and swelling may be noticed after the laser treatment but they can be easily taken care of with over-the-counter pain medications found at your closest pharmacy. We advise against strenuous exercise as you are healing,but light walking will help your body to heal faster.

Your Varicose Vein Removal Destination

If you are looking for varicose vein removal, look no further than the Laser Vein Center. We specialize in a variety of vein treatments, including endovenous laser treatments and vein stripping. Our technicians, led by Dr. Wright, will walk you through your procedure so you know exactly how it will go. Call today for your free consultation and see if these vein treatments are right for you.