What is Compression Therapy and How Does It Work?

As we age or sit still for relatively long periods of time, blood can settle in the legs without returning back to the heart. This creates something called varicose veins; it can also cause spider veins as well. It is important for us to remain active to inhibit the development of varicose veins, but some may be predisposed to venous insufficiency. Before considering any kind of cosmetic procedures, try your hand at a cheap and efficient way to help promote blood flow through the legs again. Compression therapy is a form of combating varicose veins by using compression sleeves around areas that can be impacted later on such as the legs and arms.

How Does Compression Therapy Work?

Compression therapy uses compression sleeves or stockings to gradually compress the vein walls, allowing them to promote blood flow back to the heart. The compression also aids in overall circulation by reducing the cavity of the vein and improving blood flow. As stated earlier, some patients can be predisposed to vein problems such as thin vein walls. Wearing compression stockings around these areas will encourage blood flow and prevent blood clots.

Where Can You Find Compression Stockings?

Normal compression stockings can easily be found at your local pharmacy. A variety of options and brands exist, so make sure to ask your local pharmacist which one is right for you. There are usually two kinds of stockings available: anti-embolism stockings and medical graduated compression stockings. Anti-embolism stockings are typically used for patients who are bedridden and are unable to move around. Medical graduated compression stockings are for those patients who are ambulatory and can move around.

Stockings and sleeves used in compression therapy can vary by compression level, depending on the area being targeted. These compression sleeves can be harder to come by and may need to be ordered online or through your physician. Make sure to ask our physician about how you can partake in a compression therapy program and receive these life-changing benefits.

Where Can You Learn More About Compression Therapy?

If you are in the St. Louis area and are in need of compression therapy, visit Dr. Wright and his team of professionals at the Laser Vein Center. His team of highly trained cosmetic physicians is available to provide consultation on how your life can be changed through compression therapy. Give them a call today and you will be back on your feet in no time!