All About Endovenous Laser Treatment

Varicose veins and other vein problems can create a myriad of health problems if not treated quickly. There are a variety of treatment options available, from the invasive vein removal procedures of old to more technologically advanced non-invasive procedures. Endovenous laser treatment is a non-invasive treatment option used to treat varicose veins. This endovenous laser procedure uses state-of-the-art laser energy to treat varicose veins by guiding an optical fiber to the impacted areas. Here is all of the information you need to know when considering endovenous laser treatment for your varicose veins.

Is Endovenous Laser Treatment an Invasive Procedure?

Endovenous laser treatment is not an invasive procedure as surgery is not required during the operation. This treatment uses an optical fiber that is inserted into the vein you wish to be treated and fires off an infrared laser to cause the vein to contract. Other older techniques that are invasive typically involve surgically removing the varicose vein.

How Does Endovenous Laser Treatment Work?

As stated, endovenous laser treatment uses infrared laser to cause the vein to slowly contract. This treatment can also use the laser to destroy varicose veins with damaged valves. These veins will be absorbed back into the body; blood flow is then diverted back to healthy veins, resulting in improved circulation.

How Long is the Recovery Time?

Endovenous laser treatment is a safe and fast procedure that can be administered in less than an hour. Patients also do not require hospitalization and can leave immediately following the procedure. Endovenous laser treatment can cause an uncomfortable feeling during the actual procedure due to the lasers, but recovery is only a few short hours away. Invasive varicose vein treatments require recovery times that can extend to weeks and leave you on bed rest for the majority of the time. With endovenous laser treatment, you will be on your feet again and ready to live with your new healthy veins.

Is Endovenous Laser Treatment Right You?

This state-of-the-art treatment is perfect for those looking to treat visible varicose veins. Similar to other endovenous laser procedures, this treatment may not be right for everyone. Specifically, endovenous laser treatment is unable to treat varicose veins that are too small or close to the surface of the skin. Receiving a consultation with Dr. Wright and his team of highly trained professionals at the St Louis Laser Vein Center can put you on the path to healthier veins.