Vein Stripping vs. Phlebectomy

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Technology to treat varicose veins has developed significantly over the years, allowing different procedures to be used. Previously, varicose veins were only able to be treated with a procedure known as vein stripping, where the veins are surgically removed from the body. Now another treatment has been developed in recent years called phlebectomy. Here is some important information about both procedures you should consider when choosing which one is best to treat your varicose veins.

Vein Stripping

Varicose veins typically develop in the leg—more specifically in the saphenous vein that runs from your ankle to groin. Blood clots can easily develop in your legs during prolonged periods of rest. Vein stripping surgically removes most of or all of this vein. The procedure requires general anesthesia and extensive incisions made on the leg or treated area. This invasive procedure also requires a prolonged recovery time to allow your body to heal; you can expect to be on bed rest for a significant time following the procedure. This procedure is outdated, with recent technology allowing physicians to no longer have to remove the patient’s vein.


As stated above, a phlebectomy is a more recently developed procedure and is less invasive when compared to vein stripping. This procedure does remove the varicose veins from the treated area, but through a minimally invasive incision. Specially developed tools enter these smaller incisions and remove the varicose vein in several sections. Local anesthesia is used. Recovery time is also significantly less than vein stripping, with most patients able to return to their everyday activities the day following the procedure. Prescription medication is also not needed; most discomfort can be managed through painkillers found at your local pharmacy and ice packs.

The Difference is There

A phlebectomy is a whole new way to treat varicose veins and is recommended for your varicose vein treatment. This procedure is perfect for those who looking to treat the largest varicose veins, when other treatments that are less invasive are not an option. The results are permanent, allowing you to get rid of those painful and hard-to-look at varicose veins. Contact the professionals at the Laser Vein Center for your consultation on receiving a phlebectomy. You will be glad you chose this safe and easy to receive procedure from trained professionals.