Salt Facial vs Chemical Peels: What’s the Difference?

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We all endeavor to have gorgeous, radiant, youthful skin. However, because of aging, scars, and/or sun exposure, it’s possible that you are seeing dry, damaged skin with fine lines and wrinkles that make you appear older than you feel. Luckily, there are plenty of options to help, including facials and chemical peels which, when used properly, can restore your skin to its youthful look. However, you may be asking what the difference is between a salt facial and a chemical peel.

About Salt Facials

A salt facial is a gentle procedure that can release dirt and toxins from your pores to give you a clean, fresh look. The main ingredient in a salt facial is obviously salt, which can help reduce the look of aging and even brighten the skin. Some of the benefits of a salt facial include:

• Reduce the effects of environmental factors such as sun exposure or smoking
• Heal or treat skin that has become too lax or texture irregularities
• Strengthen the protective barrier of the skin
• Stimulate cell rejuvenation
• Improve cellular reproduction

About Chemical Peels

With a chemical peel procedure, the topmost layer of skin is removed through the application of a chemical solution. When removed, this old, damaged skin will reveal younger, firmer looking skin. There are three levels of peels—light, medium, or deep—and your aesthetician or physician will recommend the best one for your individual case. Chemical peels are a top choice for those who desire a minimally invasive way to improve the appearance of the skin. Benefits include:

• Reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and freckles
• Sun damage repair
• Improve the appearance of scars and other mild scarring
• Correct pigmentation of the skin
• Smooth out rough or scaly patches

Basic Differences Between Chemical Peels and Facials

Although the results of these two procedures can be very similar, they have some differences. A chemical peel uses chemical solutions to eliminate the top layer of cells and let newer, healthier layers emerge. A facial uses serums and products, such as salt, to clean pores, extract blackheads, and moisturize the skin.

Recovery time for a facial is little to none, while a chemical peel can produce some minimal side effects that can require some time to recover. This recovery time will depend largely on the type of chemical peel; a light chemical peel will require less recovery time than a deep peel.

At St. Louis Laser Vein Center, we will help you determine whether a facial or a peel will be most beneficial for your individual case. Please call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation where we will discuss your options.