What to do about Spider Veins

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Make Those Spider Veins Less Noticeable

More than a fair share of men and women deal with spider veins—those nasty clusters of veins that can appear red or blue just under the skin. Many spider vein treatment options are available for temporary and permanent removal of spider veins. Here are five options that are currently available for you to try out:

Foundations and Concealers

Celebrities have been using professional grade makeup for years to cover up spider veins. When done correctly, spider veins can be invisible to the naked eye. However, different concealers and foundations can rack up quite the price tag. These temporary make-up applicators also need to be applied evenly over the skin and not just on affected areas.


Self-tanning applications are similar to foundations and concealers to cover up the unwanted spider veins. Like make-up, they also need to be applied evenly over entire parts of the body. These are available, along with foundation and concealers, at your neighborhood make-up provider.

Increased Circulation

Increased circulation in the body can help reduce the appearance of spider veins. This can be done through compression stockings that apply gentle pressure and improve the blood flow in the legs. These stockings look similar in appearance to tights and are easy to find. But the drawbacks? Not everyone, especially men, wants to wear tights around every day, especially when wearing shorts. Compression stockings are also only available for arms and legs and are unable to temporarily treat spider veins on other parts of the body.

Laser Vein Removal

Most people want to be able to treat spider veins permanently and avoid them coming back. Unfortunately, the last four methods are all temporary and require constant upkeep. Luckily, laser vein removal options are available to those looking to get rid of those pesky disfigurements with spider vein treatment. Lasers are used to heat up the blood vessels in a process called thermocoagulation. Results may be instantaneous, with only red marks that can disappear within only a few hours. There is no risk of scarring and only a mild discomfort during the procedure. Laser removal of spider veins options are more affordable than repeated purchases of expensive make-up and will help you forget those ugly compression stockings.


Studies have shown sclerotherapy to be the most effective treatment for spider veins. The procedure uses a small injection of a sclerosant medication. The sclerosant irritates the veins and make them close. It takes several treatments to rid spider veins because each treatment has only a 50 -75% effectiveness. While that may not seem great numbers, sclerotherapy has actually been more effective in a per treatment basis than laser treatment and it can treat many different sizes of veins.

Now is Your Time

Explore the many options today for laser vein removal and find out how easy it is to have better looking skin right away!