Sclerotherapy Can Treat Pesky Hand Veins

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One of the most noticeable changes in our hands as we age is the appearance of bulging veins. Most of us don’t realize that our hands age more quickly than the rest of our appearance until the aging process has already progressed. But luckily there are treatments available to help reverse these effects! Nobody wants to be the 30-year-old with 50-year-old hands, or the 50-year-old with 70-year-old hands! Luckily, there is a quick and easy hand vein treatment that can help reduce the appearance of these hand veins in the form of hand vein sclerotherapy, so that we can all have 30-year-old hands, whether we’re 30, 50, or 70 years old! The trick is to get treatments sooner rather than later. 

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Why do our hands age so quickly?

Like in any health condition or aging process, there is a wide range of contributors to the rapid aging process of our hands. Similar to how our facial skin ages over time, the elasticity of the skin on our hands wears down over time as collagen production slows and existing collagen decreases. Our hands are also typically extremely exposed to the elements, perhaps more so than any other part of our body – the weather, sun, water, and other elements all speed up the aging process. Frequent hand washing, cleaning with different chemicals, washing dishes, or other actions that may dry out your hands can also cause more rapid aging to our hands – which is tricky since these practices are all part of daily life! 

There are also genetic factors that may cause some people’s hands to age more quickly simply due to genetics, and some medications or medical conditions may have side effects that contribute. We can use hand lotion rigorously, but over time, the aging process of such a high-use part of our body is inevitable. 

What causes bulging or unsightly veins in our hands?

If you have bulging or unsightly veins in your hands and you’re searching for treatment, it’s important to first consult a doctor specializing in vein treatment to ensure there isn’t a more serious underlying condition. While most hand vein issues are purely cosmetic and can be easily treated, there are instances where infections or blood clots may cause inflammation and bulging veins in this area and may require more urgent attention. 

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Some examples of typical and more superficial causes could be any of the following or even be caused by multiple items at the same time. 

  • Age:As mentioned previously, the aging process reduces the collagen production and elasticity of your skin. When this happens, your veins become more visible directly under the skin. The valves in the veins also become weaker, which can cause pooling of blood in your veins, causing them to enlarge over time. 
  • Heat: It’s more difficult for the valves of the veins to work efficiently in hotter temperatures, so they may bulge or enlarge in hotter weather. 
  • Low Body Fat Percent: Extremely lean hands may cause your veins to be more visible under your skin, simply because you don’t have much fat in the area to cover the space between your skin and veins. 

Everybody is different, and determining the cause of your enlarged hand veins can best be determined by speaking with your doctor to help hone in on the underlying cause. While you might be able to easily identify broken blood vessels on your own, it’s always important to consult a medical professional to ensure there’s nothing more serious going on. Then, while you’re at it, you can discuss treatment options! Treating these unsightly hand veins might be easier than you think for your given condition. For most of Dr. Wright’s patients, facial vein treatment is quick and easy!

So what do we do about the veins that are too unsightly or too large to ignore? The good news here is that sclerotherapy is here to help in a fast, simple, and most importantly – permanent – way!

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic vein treatment that is frequently requested by our patients. This treatment option is a quick and permanent way to address the culprit of your hand veins: the veins that had previously dilated and led to the burst or bulge you’re now dealing with. Hand vein treatment through sclerotherapy works by closing down the diseased veins and allowing them to be absorbed by the body. This is done by tiny injections that are made into the vein. 

Hands of a woman before and after manicure and skin treatment

After the vein permanently closed, it is absorbed into the body, leaving nothing behind. We make sure to only close down the right number of veins that will lead to incredible looking results. The veins in our hands are just like the other veins in the body – they work to move blood through our body and then return it back to our heart. And like other parts of the body, we have more than enough veins in our hands for them to work efficiently. In fact, we have so many that we can treat and remove any unsightly veins without disrupting the process of returning blood to our heart.  Typically, our patients will receive multiple injections during their treatment for maximum results, and occasionally we will use a saline solution in place of the typical sclerosant solution, but with the same results and effectiveness.

Sclerotherapy is the most versatile and recommended vein treatment because it is incredibly precise. Other forms of vein disease, such as varicose veins, involve the bodies of larger veins. It is much easier to find these veins and treat them effectively, but typically hand veins are significantly smaller! Because of their tiny and thin size (sometimes these veins are as small as a needle tip!) it can be difficult for other forms of treatment. Sclerotherapy is also a minimally invasive procedure that is safe on the body and does not require any significant recovery time. In fact, most patients are able to get up and leave right after their procedure is over. Some patients may experience mild side effects such as an allergic reaction or inflammation after the procedure is completed, but these side effects typically fade within a day or two.

Results with Hand Vein Sclerotherapy

Hand vein sclerotherapy is a safe and effective procedure that is simple enough to have administered right in our office. In just a short amount of time you can experience younger-looking hands, letting you enjoy the way your hands look once again rather than being distracted by unsightly veins. The results of hand vein sclerotherapy are undeniable and can be noticed immediately after your treatment. Some patients may experience uncommon side effects such as temporary swelling, but this temporary and fades over time. We often recommend our patients wear a compression glove that will expedite the vein closure in your hand, but other than these potential factors, you will experience incredible results with no risks involved.

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Why are Healthy & Functioning Veins So Important?

There is an extensive network of veins and arteries found throughout the human body, all of which make up an essential part of our body’s health. When things “go wrong” with our veins, it’s likely the result of an underlying condition or recent change we’ve experienced. Veins affect so many primary systems within our body, so taking notice of these changes and giving them serious attention is extremely important. While it’s often little more than a cosmetic issue when dealing with our hand veins, it’s always worth it to double-check with your doctor.

Hand Vein Treatment from St. Louis Laser Veins

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