Vein Treatments to Counteract Inactivity During Quarantine

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As 2020 proceeds further and further into the year, many of us have been stuck in quarantine for months on end, and COVID-19 does not appear to be subsiding anytime soon. This can be unfortunate news for those looking to get active again. Continued inactivity during quarantine can have detrimental effects on your venous system. Our veins need frequent activity to prevent our veins from malfunctioning and cause the valves to work to full capacity. Luckily, with us, you can choose a vein treatment that can help offset the effects of inactivity.

Compression Stockings

More conservative forms of vein issues just require proper pressure to help the blood flow in your legs. Our initial treatments typically begin with compression stockings that are worn on the impacted limb. They can be word on the legs or arms and help apply pressure in recommended areas. While most individuals can find compression stockings and sleeves at their local pharmacy, we often prescribe medical grade compression; this type is only available from a prescription and can also help with recovery after more progressive vein treatments. These sleeves provide specific pressure that are proven to help the blood flow in your limbs.

Endovenous Laser Treatment

Frequent inactivity during quarantine can lead to overall venous insufficiencies. You may begin to feel tired or your limbs feel heavy and achy. One of our most popular and common vein treatments is endovenous laser treatment. This type of procedure maps out your veins with ultrasound mapping to find the root of the problem. The problem vein known as the saphenous vein is then removed with great precision. Older treatments required vein stripping that physically removed the vein from the body. However, endovenous laser treatment uses state of the art technology to safely shut down these problem veins. Specifically, we use a small fiber that we insert into the damaged vein and direct laser energy at it. This causes the vein to permanently collapse and then be reabsorbed back into the body.

Endovenous laser treatment is a minimally invasive treatment meaning you will not have to go through lengthy recovery times. Local anesthesia makes sure you remain comfortable from start to finish. As mentioned, we use compression stockings to help accelerate the healing process. Only a small incision is needed for the procedure and will heal quickly.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Another option that works similar to endovenous laser treatment is called radiofrequency ablation. This procedure works by also using tiny probe inserted into the problem vein. Instead of laser energy this procedure will direct radiofrequency energy to heat up the vein and cause it to collapse. This collapsed vein will also be safely absorbed into your body and blood flow will be naturally redirected in your leg. After the treatment is complete your legs will start to regain their previous appearance. Most individuals can head home right after the treatment is complete. The usual side effects include some swelling around the treated area but will heal quickly especially when compression stockings are worn.


Most of the treatments discussed so far are able to treat more noticeable venous insufficiency such as varicose veins. However, extended periods of inactivity can also create other issues such as spider veins. These are thin in appearance and can cover large areas of the body. While spider veins do not pose a health risk they can grow when left untreated. Endovenous laser treatment and radiofrequency ablation are unable to target the smaller spider veins quite as effectively. That is when sclerotherapy is recommended to help get rid of your spider veins. Sclerotherapy works by injecting your spider veins with a chemical solution. This causes the vein to become irritated and eventually collapse down. Your body will reabsorb the vein back into the body and allow the body to naturally redirect blood flow.

Common side effects of sclerotherapy include some itching, cramping, and possible skin discoloration. However, similar to the other procedures, these side effects are temporary and will quickly heal. General anesthesia is not needed with patients seeing result quickly.


Spider veins can also develop across your face, knees, and ankles. These areas are hard to treat with sclerotherapy. If you develop spider veins around your joints due to inactivity VeinWave may be the recommended treatment. This treatment uses radio waves that are directed toward the targeted area. This allows us to treat even the smallest veins with quick and effective laser technology. The procedure itself can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.  

Get the Help You Need with a Vein Treatment

As you can see, we can make it easy getting the help your veins need after spending so much time in quarantine. Call today to schedule your free consultation and see which procedure is right for you. Learn more about our practice today!