Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins


Our veins are critical and play an important role in many necessary functions of the body. And just like other portions of the body, our veins can come down with a variety of issues that can develop into medical conditions. Vein disease is often the cause of faulty veins and vein valves resulting in blood pooling in our limbs. Larger veins with this issue can develop significant health issues. Smaller veins that develop issues are less threatening and typically come down to aesthetic issues. This type of vein disease is known as spider veins and the affected veins can draw attention. As these smaller veins dilate, they can turn a deep red and blue, becoming visible under the skin’s surface. They can be single strands or branch out into a web-like pattern. Fortunately, we offer an incredible treatment that can permanently remove your spider veins. Sclerotherapy for spider veins is able to remove spider veins in a minimally invasive manner and make sure your skin looks great again.

Why Get Rid of Spider Veins

As mentioned, spider veins are primarily a cosmetic issue and do not represent any underlying health issues you may be experiencing. While spider veins may not be painful, they can be unpleasant for anyone trying to hide them. Spider veins when left untreated can also grow across the impacted area. Spider veins can occur in many areas of the body including the legs, thighs, arms, face, and neck. Getting rid of spider veins is as simple as closing down the vein. We can do just that with a simple procedure known as sclerotherapy.

What is Sclerotherapy

For the uninitiated, sclerotherapy is a cosmetic treatment that is frequently requested by our patients. This treatment works by permanently closing down the faulty veins making sure blood flow is restricted. Specifically, sclerotherapy works by injecting your spider veins with a substance called a sclerosant. This chemical works by causing the dilation of your vein to diminish and stop working. The vein will permanently shut and be naturally absorbed back into the body. Typically, our patients will receive multiple injections during their sclerotherapy for spider veins treatment for maximum results. Occasionally we will use a saline solution in place of the sclerosant to do the same thing that can be just as effective for some patients.

Why Sclerotherapy Instead of Other Treatments

Sclerotherapy is the best spider vein treatment plan due to its precise nature. Other forms of vein disease such as varicose veins involve the bodies larger veins. It is much easier to find these veins and treat them effectively. Since spider veins are significantly smaller sometimes as small as a needle it can be difficult for other forms of treatment. Second, sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that is safe on the body. This means that the treatment will not require any significant recovery times or do damage to the body. Most patients are able to get up and leave right after their procedure is over. The risk of sclerotherapy is practically nothing; some patients may experience mild side effects such as an allergic reaction or inflammation may be present after the procedure is completed but typically fade within a day or two.

The Cost of Your Sclerotherapy

One of the most important factors for any vein treatment we offer is the cost. We understand that the rising costs of medical treatments is always important to our patients. The cost of our sclerotherapy treatments depend on the amount of injections required for your treatment cycle. While the cost may vary the dedication to a competitive price and highly trained staff is always guaranteed at the Laser Vein Center.

Alternative Treatments to Sclerotherapy

While sclerotherapy may be our most popular spider vein treatment it is just one of the best spider vein treatment options. Some individuals may do better with another type of treatment such as our laser treatments. This type of treatment is similar in that it will permanently close down your vein but with directed energy instead of sclerosant. The variety of procedures we offer still produce the same results by permanently closing down the affected veins and cause your spider veins to fade away. Your vein technician will help create a tailored plan on how to get rid of your spider veins with our free consultations.

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