What You Should Know About Varicose Veins and Alcohol

varicose veins and alcohol

There are a variety of factors that can greatly impact the development of varicose veins. These common factors typically include poor diets, smoking, and inactivity. Another factor that can impact our vein health is drinking. This can have a direct impact on every major organ in your body, including our circulatory system. While drinking may not be the direct cause of varicose veins, it can make any preexisting condition much worse. Consider this information if you experience problems that are connected to varicose veins and alcohol use:

Impact of Alcohol on Your Circulatory System

Our heart plays an important role for the body, pumping blood throughout our veins. When the pressure increases in your veins, the valves, and capacity of the veins can be directly impacted. Drinking can cause stress on your veins and make gravity work against the body. This can be especially seen in your lower extremities as blood begins to pool and swell your leg veins. Drinking can also impact your liver by affecting its filtration of the blood. If your blood becomes even more viscous, it can create additional stress on the veins. The combination of all these side effects will make your varicose veins even more noticeable. You may begin to feel symptoms like pain and discomfort more frequently.

Varicose Veins with Alcohol

As you can see, varicose veins may not be caused by drinking, but it can certainly make your painful symptoms more present. However, the evidence continues to stack up showing drinking makes varicose veins even worse than they previously were. Ideally, keeping your drinking to a minimum or cutting it out of your diet completely is recommended. If you have concerns on how your diet and drinking may be playing a role in your vein health, it may be time for a medical consultation. Our technicians will discuss your symptoms and if treatment is a good option.

Seek Out Help for Varicose Veins

If your symptoms of varicose veins have become unbearable, it may be time for treatment. Call today for your free consultation to see if our varicose vein treatments are right for you. Our technicians will help you every step of the way on your journey to treatment. Simply call our offices today and let us treat your varicose veins!