Lymphedema and Its Connection to Vein Health


When it comes to our vein health, we need to consider more than just what we see on our skin. We need to consider and take care of conditions that impact our veins that are below the skin such as lymphedema. Lymphedema is a condition where the lymphatic fluid in our body builds up and causes fluid retention. Lymphedema impacts our lymphatic system that consists of both lymph nodes and lymph vessels. These vessels are made up of the protein, fats, waste, and water of our body. When the fluid buildup occurs, you can start experiencing characteristics of lymphedema. One thing that is many people don’t know is how lymphedema is connected to our vein health. Both conditions have similarities in symptoms and causes that can easily be seen. Here is how lymphedema is connected to our vein health:

Severe Swelling and More

One of the biggest symptoms of lymphedema is severe swelling. If that sounds familiar, it is because vein problems like varicose veins also have similar symptoms. Those experiencing vein disease can be impacted by swelling, pain, and discomfort. Swelling caused by both lymphedema and vein issues can be treated with compression wraps. Physicians can prescribe you with fitted compression sleeves or you can find some at your local pharmacy. Varicose and other vein issues can worsen lymphedema. Also lymphedema can worsen varicose veins symptoms.

Trauma to the Limb

Another thing that connects lymphedema to vein problems comes from the potential cause of each condition. Trauma to your limb can create both vein and lymphatic issues. Vein valves and lymph valves both work similarly, so any trauma to your limb will cause greater likelihood of developing lymphedema or vein disease. Make sure to always protect your body when potential injury can occur. You will also need to be careful on how you handle your limb after developing lymphedema. It is recommended that the limb is kept clean at all times and covered in wraps. It is also especially important to not go out barefoot. Make sure to not cross your legs when sitting. If the trauma is on your arm, make sure to keep the arm free from any handbags or purses.

Important Fluids in Our Body

As shown, lymphedema has an important connection to our vein health. The fluids in our body do more than keep us moving but also healthy. If you are experiencing lymphedema, you need can seek out the treatment you need today. Start with compression stockings before more advanced treatments such as manual lymphatic drainage is needed. Our physicians will help create an individual plan based upon your needs.