Benefits of Ultrasound Diagnosis of Vein Disease

Vein Disease

When it comes to identifying vein disease, there is one method of diagnosis that achieves accurate results and with related benefits. We use Doppler ultrasound technology to achieve every vein disease diagnosis so you can rest easy knowing what exactly is causing the symptoms of your vein disease.

Finding the Issues Effectively

Ultrasound technology is able to catch deep vein thrombosis or blood clots in an interactive display. Identifying the cause of a blood clot is just the start of the many benefits of an ultrasound diagnosis. In addition to the cause, ultrasound can also help guide sclerotherapy, one of the many treatments we offer to treat vein disease. This is achieved by mapping out the internal layout of your vein system. By better understanding your veins we can develop the appropriate treatment for you. Doppler ultrasound can map out any vein clots, blockages, tumors, and narrowing vessels you may have.

Quick and Easy Diagnosis of Vein Disease

Another incredible benefit of an ultrasound diagnosis is the speed and accuracy of each measure. Doppler Vascular Ultrasound technology is extremely fast, so you do not have to be in our office for hours at a time. Our transducer sends out ultrasound waves that track and record the appearance of your veins.

Painless Diagnosis

Vein disease can be a painful condition that is difficult to live with. Luckily, diagnosing vein disease through Doppler ultrasound is completely painless. The ultrasound waves are able to track your veins and impacted areas without any incisions. Rest easy knowing your diagnosis will be quick and painless.

Covered by Insurance

Just because you are receiving an ultrasound diagnosis from a cosmetic office does not mean you will have to pay for everything out of pocket. Most insurance policies can cover the complete cost of your Doppler ultrasound screening. Make sure to call your insurance provider prior to your scheduled appointment to ensure your diagnosis is covered.

Comprehensive Evaluation by St. Louis Laser Veins

When booking your Doppler ultrasound diagnosis with us you will be receiving a comprehensive step-by-step evaluation by Dr. Wright and his trained team. This process ensures you receive the best diagnosis for your vein disease and its symptoms.

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