How To Remove Hand Veins

If you have noticeable veins in your hand, then you know all too well the embarrassment this may cause. Hand veins can make you look much older than you already are, or, they can depict a stressful life. If you want to change this perception and feel more confident when baring your hands to the world, vein removal in the hands is certainly an option.

How can this be accomplished?

One simple and low-key way to remove superficial veins in the hands is with injection therapy, and we’ll explain more about how it works here:

How It Works

Sclerosant injections are one of the most common ways to treat noticeable veins in the hands – as well as the legs and other parts of the body. A simple injection of sclerosant solutions can make a visible difference within one session alone. This treatment is shown to shrink bulging veins, and reroute blood flow to other healthy veins nearby.

Similar to getting any type of medical injection, the provider will wipe the surface of the hands with an antiseptic solution. A slight pinch may be felt, after which the injection site is compressed with a cotton ball and bandage. Compression gloves too, are an option.


Some of the top questions and answers regarding hand vein injection include:

  1. How many sessions are required?

While one session does provide results, some individuals may require follow up sessions, depending on the size and amount of hand veins visible.

  1. How long does hand vein injection take?

The process takes roughly half-hour in most provider offices.

  1. How soon can I return to work after hand vein injection or Sclerotherapy?

Most individuals can go back to work or other obligations after treatment.

  1. Why do veins become more visible with age?

This is because as we age, our skin’s elasticity and volume are substantially decreased. This is one of the reasons why hand veins are most often associated with age, but it doesn’t always have to be the case.

  1. What are some of the other causes of veins in the hands?

There are many other causes, and one other reason is pregnancy.  These veins usually subside over time. Sun exposure might be another reason for bulging veins.

Treating superficial veins in the hands is a quick and hassle-free process – through sclerotherapy. Take back your confidence by booking a session with a local hand vein removal expert in your area today.