How The Comeback of The Crop Top Influenced Rising Vein Removals In the Midriff

Every so often, the fashion and medical worlds collide. Sacrifices women make to look more beautiful and keep up with the times mean more business for medical services, and even more so for the field of cosmetic surgery. As a good and current example, crop tops have been making a steady comeback since the nineties. Do you remember that era? There were bell bottoms, baggy jeans and pop music. While many of these trends have remained dormant, the crop top has proven stay-worthy, with celebrities embracing the trend on red carpets in formal and casual wear.

Like most trends, the general population tends to borrow these looks from celebs and what’s seen on the big screen. One other trend that can be seen hand-in-hand with the crop top is the flawless midriff these celebs rock – which can be achieved with cosmetic procedures.

One recent study found that as a result of the crop top trend, vein removal procedures in the midriff have generally increased by 20% in local outpatient centers, and many of the patients are coming in the younger demographic age range of 20-30 year-olds, compared to long standing forty-somethings.

Vein threads in the midriff are mostly found in women who are predisposed to them genetically, and are most likely in fair-skinned women or red heads. Their appearance can be marked by small clusters of red veins, forming a belt around the midriff. This can make women feel very self-conscious to not only wear crop tops, but bikinis or lingerie with a partner for instance.

Luckily, veins in the midriff can be treated with non-invasive methods like Schlerotherapy, laser therapy, Veinwave treatments or Intense Pulse Light sensation. All of these methods can be quickly done in an outpatient center, with activities being resumed with little or no downtime. Most of the techniques work by shrinking the vein and rerouting the blood – making them perfectly safe.

Once veins have been removed, patients feel confident to show off a toned and vein-free midriff in crops and bikinis.

Vein removal in the midriff has furthermore surpassed vein removal techniques in the face and legs – depicting just how much fashion, and more specifically crop tops, have managed to influence cosmetic procedures across the nation. To find out more details regarding vein removal in the midriff, local specialists can be researched online, including prices and what’s entailed.