All About the Vascular Study

vascular study

Vein disease can be an issue that develops if precautions are not taken. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to evaluate your veins before issues arise. One simple way to do just that is with a vascular study.

What is a Vascular Study?

You can check the blood flow in your veins with a vascular study, a noninvasive test that does not require any needles. Instead, high frequency waves or ultrasound is used to check on the blood flow in blood vessels. Ultrasound methods use a handheld device which sends sound waves toward your blood vessels. As the waves are bounced off the blood cells, the results are sent to our computer for interactive results.

What are Vascular Studies Used For?

Vascular studies are critical anytime you begin to notice symptoms of vein disease or decreased blood flow. These symptoms may manifest as leg pain, swelling, pale skin, numbness, redness or tenderness, and foot pain. These symptoms may indicate you are beginning to experience the signs of vein disease. Vascular studies can check on the blood flow in your vessels without being invasive. Vascular studies are critical in identifying issues such as atherosclerosis, aneurysm, thrombus, and inflammatory conditions.

Types of Vascular Studies

Not only are there different ways to report vascular studies but to also test. One method of vascular study may be chosen over another depending on the type of issue suspected. Carotid duplex scans use Doppler technology to scan and create an image of blocked arteries. Pulse volume recording or PVR studies are used to assess the blood flow in your limbs using a Doppler probe. This type of study uses blood pressure cuffs that inflate on the legs and arms.

What the Procedure Entails

As mentioned, vascular studies are a noninvasive procedure to evaluate the blood flow in your blood vessels. Patients will lie flat on their back on an exam table as the Doppler probe is directed around the targeted areas. The procedure is quick and pain-free, ensuring you remain comfortable.

Vascular Studies at the Laser Vein Center

At the Laser Vein Center, we offer venous Doppler screenings to evaluate the blood flow in your body. If you are at risk of vein disease, we offer a variety of treatments to improve your vein health. Call today for your free consultation and see how a venous Doppler screening can help you feel good about your vein health. Learn about varicose veins today!