3 Varicose Vein Risk Factors

varicose veins

When it comes to vein disease, there are a variety of risk factors that can increase the likelihood of you developing issues. The same can be said for varicose veins, one of the most common forms of vein disease. Varicose veins often appear as large and twisted veins, typically on your legs. These are often found on our lower limbs due to the pressure of standing and how it affects our legs. While there are several varicose vein risk factors, here are three that stand out among the others.


One of the critical components of varicose veins is how our vein valves function. Our blood flows from our legs and back to our heart through proper circulation. As we get older, the valves in our veins will begin to experience wear and tear. This can cause vein valves to not send all blood flowing back to the heart, and it can then start to collect in the veins in your legs. This risk factor multiplies further if you have a family history of varicose veins. If so, following up with your physician as soon as you begin to experience vein issues is recommended.


Another critical risk factor that can lead to an increased risk of varicose veins is obesity. Our vein valves can become damaged or weak over time due to the pressure placed on them. An increase of body fat can place a significant increase in pressure on your veins, thus causing varicose veins. Initial treatment for varicose veins should focus on attempting to reduce body fat though diet and exercise. While this may not treat your varicose veins, it can prevent further symptoms from developing.


More varicose vein risk factors are involved with the prevalence of varicose veins is pregnancy. Similar to obesity, pregnancy can cause greater stress and strain on your veins, just in a different manner. Additionally, the blood flow in the body during pregnancy will increase to better support the growing fetus. This increased blood flow can also cause veins to be enlarged, leading to the appearance of varicose veins.

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