3 Low Impact Exercises for Vein Health

Vein Health

Keeping up your health is a great way to avoid any future problems with your veins. Diet and exercise play a large role in overall health and can be especially important for your veins as well. Those suffering from vein issues can have greater difficulty following through on daily exercises. Fortunately, several low impact exercises that are easier to complete can help you improve your vein health.


Moving your legs is the best way to promote healthier blood flow in your legs. Start by getting up and taking a daily walk! Walking is a low impact exercise is easy enough for most people to complete. The length of your walk depends on your own personal physical levels. The benefits of walking include losing weight over time, maintaining healthy blood pressure, and even strengthening the bones and muscles in your legs. The combination of all these, along with promoting blood flow in your legs, make walking a great low impact exercise.


Individuals who have more flexibility in their legs can benefit from another low impact exercise, bicycling. This helps improve the circulation in your legs and also protect your joints. Bicycling has many of the same benefits of walking while helping to strengthen your calf muscles. Nowadays you can enjoy bicycling at a local gym or spin studio. This makes it even easier to adding bicycling to your daily agenda, even in hotter climates which can make it difficult to bike outdoors during the summer.


The third low impact exercise that is beneficial for vein health is swimming. The motions used while swimming helps move blood from the feet up to your heart. Swimming also keeps your legs above your heart for the majority of the workout further promoting healthy blood flow. Water aerobics can be especially beneficial to those who are overweight, as the body’s natural buoyancy and water resistance combine to dramatically reduce impact to the joints. Swimming can be completed at your local YMCA center or community pool. If you have a chance to add swimming to your exercise regime, we highly recommend it for your vein health.

Finding Your Vein Health

These three exercises are great ways to help promote healthy blood flow from your legs. If you are dealing with vein disease, make sure to look no further than the Laser Vein Center. Our professional staff will create an individualized plan based upon your vein health and needs. Call today for your free consultation and start your treatment plan for vein disease.