What Your Veins Say About Your Health

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One of the most common cosmetic issues we deal with on a daily basis is vein disease. It can impact anyone and in a variety of ways. Some individuals may suffer more from certain symptoms, while others may barely see any changes across the impacted areas. Simply knowing what to look for in your veins can give you an idea about your own personal health.

Starts with Your Body

Developing vein disease can often be directly related to your body and health. Some individuals may be prone to developing vein disease from genetic factors, while others will develop vein disease from their own daily activities. Vein disease is caused when blood begins to pool in your veins, most often in the legs. This can be due to faulty blood valves that are not doing their job properly. When examining the impact of health on vein disease, there are several common risk factors: blood clots, obesity, cancer, pregnancy, smoking, family history, and long periods of inactivity. Many of these factors cause significant stress on your body, leaving it vulnerable to developing vein disease, although some can be prevented.

The 6 Stages of Vein Disease

As mentioned, vein disease does not develop the same for every individual. However, one common factor is that vein disease can appear in six separate stages.

Stage 1: The first stage, spider veins, is a superficial condition and is the mildest onset of vein disease. Most individuals with vein disease will experience this first stage.

Stage 2: The second stage, varicose veins, is when most individuals begin to notice the onset of vein disease. Approximately 75% of individuals at this stage will begin to notice symptoms that will interfere with daily activities. Your health now is more important than ever.

Stage 3: The symptoms that impact your health only continue to get worse with each developing stage. Stage 3 of vein disease, leg edema, is when the body is unable to absorb fluid in the impacted sites, causing it to swell. While the swelling can be lessened by simply elevating the impacted limbs at the end of the day, it can be difficult to live with if you do not seek treatment.

Stage 4: The fourth stage, skin changes, is simply that: Your skin begins to show discoloration due to venous congestion. It is critical at this stage to be wary of any injuries as they can lead to frequent wounds and breaks in the skin.

Stages 5 & 6: The final two stages, which present as leg ulcers, are the final class of how vein disease can greatly impact your health. At these stages, vein disease greatly interferes with blood flow, causing injuries to heal very slowly, failure to provide nutrition to your skin, and significant skin discoloration. Stage 5 consists of healed ulcers, while Stage 6 denotes active ulcers. It is critical to seek treatment and schedule an appointment to check your vein health in St Louis if your vein disease has reached this stage.

Your Treatment Center for Vein Health in St Louis

Do not let vein disease interfere with your health any longer. We provide a variety of treatments for every stage of vein disease and help with your vein health in St Louis. Get back to feeling like yourself again with our advanced treatment options. At the St. Louis Laser Vein Center, we strive to provide the best vein health in St Louis! Give us a call today and schedule your free consultation to see how vein treatments can get you back your old health again!