Radiofrequency Vennous Ablation: What Can You Expect?

radiofrequency ablation

One of the more common forms of vein disease is a condition called venous insufficiency. Failing vein valves causes blood to pool in the veins, making them appear swollen and enlarged. While traditional surgery used to be the only option for treatment, you can now receive a minimally-invasive procedure called radiofrequency ablation. Here is what you can expect from St Louis radiofrequency ablation at the Laser Vein Center:

The Treatment

Radiofrequency venous ablation uses a tiny probe that is inserted into the damaged vein. Once there, radiofrequency energy is directed towards the damaged area to permanently close it off. Blood flow will be redirected to healthier veins. This will cause the vein to eventually be absorbed by the body with no negative side effects for you. We use a local anesthetic to make sure you remain comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Preparing for your treatment radiofrequency venous ablation does not use any surgical incisions, so you will not have any significant scarring afterward. Instead, the probe is inserted into the skin with an instrument around the size of a freckle.

Results of Radiofrequency Ablation

Due to the minimally invasive nature of radiofrequency ablation, you will not experience any significant recovery time following your procedure. Instead, you will be able to walk right out and continue on with most daily activities. Complications rarely occur since there is no incision made during the procedure. You may be advised to wear a compression sleeve for up to a week depending on the size of the treated vein.

Safety of Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency venous ablation is one of the safest vein treatments around. Most individuals will not experience any side effects after their treatment. Rare side effects may include minimal blood clotting or a burning sensation. The chance of any side effects occurring is further minimized by the experience of your attending technician. By choosing the Laser Vein Center, you are choosing Dr. Wright and his team of highly trained associates. You will be in the most trained hands in all of St.Louis for radiofrequency venous ablation.

Radiofrequency Ablation at theLaser Vein Center

Seek St Louis radiofrequency ablation from the trusted hands of Dr. Wright and his team at the Laser Vein Center. The Laser Vein Center has treated a variety of vein disease for years with complete customer satisfaction. Call today for your free consultation and see if this treatment is right for you.