Vein Phlebectomy Procedure

Vein Phlebectomy


One of the most common conditions of vein disease that can occur is something known as varicose veins. These are typically observed to be enlarged and swollen veins in the legs and are caused by blood pooling in the vein. When varicose veins are just below your skin, you may be eligible for a procedure called vein phlebectomy. This minimally invasive procedure is able to remove these shallow varicose veins with a small scalpel or needle.

The Procedure

Vein phlebectomy works by having tiny punctures and incisions made around the varicose vein that is to be removed. Your veins can easily be collapsed, allowing your technician to remove the collapsed vein through the incisions. Most incisions are no bigger than a pencil eraser and are made right next to the varicose vein. Next, a phlebectomy hook is inserted through the incision and removes the varicose vein. Most vein phlebectomy procedures can easily be completed in 30 to 60 minutes depending on the size and number of varicose veins to be removed. Local anesthesia is used for all procedures to ensure our patients remain pain-free.

Following Your Procedure

Since vein phlebectomy is a minimally-invasive procedure, you should not experience any lengthy recovery times after your procedure. Stitches are typically not needed, as the incisions are very small. The treated area will be covered in a small dressing and wrapped with a compression wrap. Wearing compression stockings is highly recommended following your procedure and will enable you to participate in almost all of your usual daily activities. Most individuals can resume their schedule within 24 hours, with more strenuous activities limited for around two weeks.

Benefits of Vein Phlebectomy

Vein phlebectomy is one of the most successful vein procedures with over 90% success rate reported for all patients. Only tiny incisions are required, resulting in less noticeable scar tissue. Vein phlebectomy can also be combined with other treatments such as a radiofrequency treatment for more severe conditions.

Potential Risks

Vein phlebectomy does have some uncommon risks associated with the procedure. Less than one of every 1,000 procedures report the possibility of infection, but this is easily treated with antibiotics. A change in skin pigmentation can also occur around the treated area, but this is temporary and fades within a short time period.

Vein Phlebectomy at the Laser Vein Center

If you are experiencing varicose veins right below your skin, contact the Laser Vein Center to see if you are a candidate for vein phlebectomy. Call for your no-obligation consultation and see if this procedure is right for you.