Lymphedema Prevention

lymphedema prevention

Lymphedema is a condition that usually occurs in the arms and legs and is marked by significant swelling. Typically, lymphedema is caused by damage made to your lymph nodes or their removal; some cancer treatments remove lymph nodes as part of their procedures as well. Once the lymph node is damaged, there may be a blockage in the lymphatic system, causing lymph fluid to build up. Lymph fluid typically runs throughout the lymphatic system, and when built up, can lead to swelling.

Unfortunately, there is no current cure for lymphedema, but it can be prevented through early diagnosis and preventative measures. By making sure you follow preventative measures you can avoid this life-threatening condition. There are some important Lymphedema prevention measures you can take.

Protect Your Limbs

Lymphedema can also be caused through infection on or around your limbs. Making sure you protect your arms and legs from unnecessary cuts and scrapes can help prevent any possible infection. Whenever you are working outside, make sure to wear protection gear such as gloves. Making sure your skin and nails are kept clean can help tremendously with preventing lymphedema. Never walk outside barefoot and risk having the skin on your feet break.

Rest Treated Areas

Lymphedema can also be caused through cancer treatments. Make sure you rest any treated area after receiving a cancer treatment. Always stretch and exercise when you are feeling energetic again. You should also avoid applying any ice or heat to the treated areas and protect them from extreme cold.

Elevate Your Limbs

By elevating your legs or arms above your heart, you are promoting circulation in the body. Make sure you keep your limbs elevated if you believe you are at risk for lymphedema.

Avoid Tight Clothing

Tight fitting clothing can restrict the blood circulation in your arms and legs. By making sure you are not restricting circulation in your limbs, you can alleviate possible causes of lymphedema.

Choosing the Laser Vein Center for Lymphedema Prevention

Even with these preventative measures, lymphedema can develop in those who are not careful. If you believe you are at risk for lymphedema, call the Laser Vein Center immediately for help. Dr. Wright and our highly trained staff have helped thousands of patients with the symptoms of lymphedema. By waiting, you may only increase the chances for this condition to develop. Give our office a call today to schedule your consultation!