5 Skin Care Tips to Prevent Redness

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With spring almost upon us, now is the time to take the best possible care of your skin and show it off! The dry winter months will soon be leaving us, and if they’ve left your skin feeling less than perfect, it’s time to rejuvenate! So many self-proclaimed tips are available on the Internet with unknown side effects. Here are some of the top five skin care tips to reduce skin redness and make your skin glow again.

Watch How You Wash Your Clothes

When washing your clothes at home, hot water temperature can cause your skin to dry out. Cleaners with harsh detergents and alcohol-packed sanitizers are other cleaners to avoid to help prevent future irritation of the skin. Lather up in lotion and use a humidifier at night to help reduce redness if it has occurred.

Dress Right

Being out in the cold winter and hot, sunny summer can cause your skin to be prone to redness and drying. Covering up your face during these seasonal extremities with hats and scarves can help prevent possible redness. Vaseline is also one other cover-up that can help keep your skin feeling fresh and soft. The dry weather of winter is brutal on the skin, so it’s best to keep it covered up!

Avoid the Alcohol

Avoiding alcohol is another measure to take to avoid dehydration that leads to increased skin dryness. The cold winter climate, paired with dehydration, can lead to blotchy, red skin with prolonged drinking habits. Cutting out the booze may not seem like the most likeable option to reduce skin redness, but is worth it when considering your skin health.

Watch What You Eat

Systematic inflammation can be reduced with the right diet that is void of spicy foods and drinks that are hot in temperature. Cooling foods to eat include cucumber, melon, celery, apple, and spinach. Clearing the internal heat of your body can lead to clearer skin. Think the next time before you jump into that basket of hot wings!

Check the Ingredients Label

Not all skin care products are created equally, with a good deal leaving adverse effects such as dryness on your skin during the winter season. Ingredients such as menthol, peppermint, and eucalyptus oil are skin irritants. However, several ingredients should be sought out for their anti-inflammatory benefits, such as licorice extract and turmeric. Other ingredients that reduce redness include cucumber, ginger, white tea extract, and magnesium ascorbyl Phosphate.

Consult the Professionals at St. Louis Laser Veins

These five skin care tips can help you have healthier, softer skin that is free of redness, but if that still isn’t enough, give us a call at St. Louis Laser Veins. We have many treatments to help you reduce skin redness, and we also have experience treating rosacea and eczema. Schedule an appointment with our staff today!