The Most Effective Treatment for Each Vein Location and Vein Removal

There are several reasons to be concerned if you start to see the signs of venous insufficiency—essentially vein disease. This condition can come in the form of varicose veins or spider veins. While most consider vein problems merely a cosmetic concern, they can become a more serious medical condition.

Vein disease is a situation where the valves in the blood veins become damaged. As a result of this damage, the blood cannot circulate properly and will back up and/or pool, cause the visible veins. These veins can often be blue or purple in color, and may often appear raised and ropey.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Vein Disease

While most varicose veins will appear in the leg and ankle areas, they can also appear on the face, hands, and even the chest areas. And in some cases, they can also appear in the vulva/vagina area.

Diagnosing of vein disease is done via an ultrasound procedure. This is a completely non-invasive process and is one of the best was to assess the health and functionality of your veins. Vein diseases can usually be treated by one of the following methods:

• Sclerotherapy
• Radio Frequency Ablation
• Endovenous Laser Treatment
• Vein Stripping

Most areas can be treated with any of these procedures; however, delicate areas such as the face and hands usually be treated with less invasive techniques, such as sclerotherapy and laser treatments.

In the case of vulvar varicose veins, these are usually caused by pregnancy and will dissipate after delivery of the baby. However, if they do not go away or occur in women that are not pregnant, regular vein treatments such as sclerotherapy may be used. In many cases, treatment of vein disease or vein removal may be covered by insurance, as it is often considered a medical rather than cosmetic condition.

Vein Treatment and Vein Removal from St. Louis Laser Vein Center

At the St. Louis Laser Vein Center, Dr. Wright and his team put your health and safety above all else. The staff knows how important vein health is to your overall health, so they use their experience to properly diagnose and treat your vein conditions—whether they are medical or cosmetic. We encourage you to schedule a consultation where we can discuss your individual case and get you moving in the right direction toward vein health!