Blood Clotting and Vein Health

Vein Health

When you hear the term “blood clot” or “blood clotting,” you are probably thinking that it is a negative term; however, blood clotting is a necessary, healthy function. Blood needs to flow throughout the body smoothly and continuously; however, it also needs to clot when you suffer a cut or an injury. This type of blood clot—those that stop bleeding—are healthy and lifesaving.

Problems with getting a blood clot can lead to potentially dangerous medical problems, though. Unfortunately, blood clots can form when not needed and can cause stroke, heart attack, and other similar medical conditions.

Blood Clots and Vein Health

When a blood clot forms due to an injury, it is a healthy reaction, and the body will eventually breakdown and dissolve the clot as the injury heals. However, when clots form within the veins, sometimes in the hands which requires hand vein treatment, it is due to venous insufficiency or vein disease. What happens with this condition is that the valves within the veins that make sure that the blood flows throughout the circulatory system correctly either breakdown or become weak. These weakened valves will then cause the blood to back up and/or pool within the veins. This pooling often causes those varicose and/or spider veins that appear as ropey and raised blue veins.

Healthy Veins/Healthy Clotting

It is important, especially those who may be prone to vein disease, to maintain healthy veins and clotting factors. If you have been identified as at risk for vein disease, you should discuss with your doctor things you can do to ensure possible clots do not become serious.

Says Dr. Thomas Wright of the St. Louis Laser Vein Center, “We urge anyone who may be at risk for vein disease to come in and discuss ways we can prevent medical conditions that can be caused by advanced vein disease.” He says that it is very important that anyone who may be experiencing the first symptoms of vein disease get the proper diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible to prevent more serious medical conditions.

Dr. Wright emphasizes that vein health is important to your overall good health, especially since it affects the very important circulatory system of the body. If you are concerned about vein disease, please call us today to schedule a consultation. We want to ensure that your veins remain healthy!