New Revolutionary Vein Treatments

If you are suffering from vein disease, you may be searching for the best treatment possible for your individual case. Fortunately, there are now far superior procedures that have replaced old, outdated methods for treating vein disease.

Replacing Old Methods

Previously, those suffering from varicose veins and other similar vein diseases usually underwent “vein stripping.” This procedure was invasive, painful and often required lengthy recovery times. Today, there are new procedures that can alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins and other such conditions.

RFA/Endovenous Laser Ablation

This is one of the very best solutions or alternatives to vein stripping. A small fiber is inserted into the affected or damaged vein, after which laser energy is transmitted into the vein. The laser energy causes the vein to actually seal and collapse before being absorbed by the body’s natural processes.


Sclerotherapy is particularly advantageous when treating varicose veins that are located deeper in the body. Similar to endovenous laser ablation, a small catheter or tube is inserted into the vein. Ultrasound guidance is used to direct the physician in correctly placing the catheter. A liquid foam solution (called a sclerosant) is then injected into the vein through the catheter. This solution will then cause the vein to close up, with the blood being redirected into healthy surrounding veins.


Another procedure is the new VenaSeal procedure. This procedure involves an adhesive substance being injected into the vein to ultimately seal the vein shut. The adhesive essentially forms into a hardened state to seal the vein shut.

St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center

Dr. Wright and his team at St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center are experts at diagnosing and treating various vein conditions and diseases. According to Dr. Wright, “It is important that patients understand how getting early diagnosis and treatment can prevent vein conditions from developing into more serious medical conditions.”

At St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center, we invite you to schedule a consultation to discuss your individual case. We want to ensure that you get the best care possible whether you are dealing with cosmetic issues such as spider veins or more serious instances of varicose veins. During your appointment, we will examine your individual case and discuss your options. We want to ensure that you are delivered the very best procedure.