Schlerotherapy vs. Foam Schlerotherapy

Individuals who want beautiful legs without unsightly spider veins can turn to Schlerotherapy to significantly reduce the appearance.

What Is Schlerotherapy?

The procedure is non-invasive, where microscopic needles are used to inject an innovative solution known as sclerosant, hence the name. This solution helps to constrict the veins, minimizing their appearance significantly.

Repeat sessions are conducted, and patients experience a drastic difference over time with each use. Eventually, most or all veins close and diminish in size. The average amount of sessions required are two or three, but an initial consultation and follow-up are required to determine the range.

Schlerotherapy has been proven to work with a range of vein issues including varicose veins and spider veins. The therapy furthermore treats more than the ropey appearance often seen with these vein issues, including deep below the skin’s surface.

Does Foam Schlerotherapy Make A Difference?

Foam Schlerotherapy does much more than simply injecting solutions of the sclerosant treatment into visible spider and varicose veins. The main difference is that the provider uses a foamed mixture of the solution, which is infused with air.

Key points are that it doesn’t mix with blood, and it offers a more potent solution to close veins for good. The technique is predominantly used for the treatment of larger veins.

Top Benefits of Foam Schlerotherapy Include:

  • Faster Results – based on targeting deep below the surface of bulging large veins, the root of the issue is treated, as well as the outer appearance.
  • Effective Treatment – guided tours via ultrasound allow for targeted treatment that boosts the success.
  • Less Treatment – most patients are able to cut back on the amount of sessions needed, saving time and money.
  • Non-Invasive – the process is relatively pain-free and offers a non-invasive way to treat veins.
  • No Recovery Period – patients are able to carry on with regular activities following the procedure.

The added benefit of foam Schlerotherapy is that most uncovered issues are seen in its premature stage – making treatment even easier.

Many providers use a combination of foam Schlerotherapy and also vein lights to target both the internal and external issues of spider and varicose veins.

Treating spider and varicose veins are more than superficial, there are many health benefits too, such as increased blood flow and a more positive self-esteem to wear any clothing item desired, including shorts and bikinis.

Foam Schlerotherapy is an exceptional alternative to laser surgeries or others that are more invasive. Speak to a local provider to find out more.