Get Rid Of Veins On Your Face And Nose

As we age, our system of veins becomes more sensitive to the pressures that it is under. For this reason, even perfectly healthy people can end up with unsightly visible veins on the face and nose.

When you have veins on the face and nose, you might be displeased with your overall look and want to have them removed. Luckily, there is a great deal of knowledge about medical procedures that are aimed at removing veins that are not wanted.

Although many people think of varicose and spider veins when they think about vein problems, these typically appear on the legs. Facial veins are as common, though many people do not know they have simple options for treating these issues.

How are these veins removed?

Options for removing facial veins depend in very large part on a combination of their position and their size. Some treatments are simply not designed for the area of the face, others work well. A specialist who has skills and an understanding of facial veins will guide you to a treatment you for your situation. After meeting with Dr. Wright, he will assist you in finding a treatment that works best for your needs.

In many cases, the veins that appear on the face and nose are relatively small. A safe and effective treatment for these visible facial veins is VeinWave, which uses a very fine probe and radiofrequency to seal the vein, closing it and causing it to shrink and disappear. The process is quick, easy, requires no downtime, and is very safe. For more information, call the office at 314-488-2586, or request your free consultation online.