Facial Fillers, Zoom Meetings, & Remote Work

More than ever, our faces are the primary thing others see of us, and they see it more up close than ever. Communicating via Zoom makes our facial expressions and responses an even greater factor in daily non-verbal communication.

More than ever, our faces are the primary thing others see of us, and they see it more up close than ever. Communicating via Zoom makes our facial expressions and responses an even greater factor in daily non-verbal communication. And in another cruel twist of irony, the increased distance and digital meeting space doesn’t do anything for our appearance – how has Zoom failed to provide us robust and glamorous facial filters already? We might be able to get away with wearing sweatpants all day, but our faces are still our faces, and working remotely has put them on the big screen. In a year where the entire professional work structure has shifted – very likely forever – we’re realizing it might be time to take the leap and consider the variety of facial fillers to keep our on-screen performance stronger than ever.

At St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center, our team takes a comprehensive approach to patient care and is dedicated to helping patients improve, enhance and contour their bodies for a look that boosts confidence and promotes a healthy lifestyle. While we’re all learning to ride the wave of 2020 and beyond, Dr. Wright and his St. Louis team of cosmetic specialists recognize that some things haven’t really changed this year – our body image is still linked to our self-esteem, and our daily lives still require a great deal of “face-to-face” communication, even if it’s through Zoom meetings rather than conference rooms. While we may be able to wear whatever we like to our home offices, our face is still just as visible, or more so, than ever before. And as such, our patients are valuing our facial filler options more than ever. 

Treatment Areas

One of the main causes behind the development of stressful lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet is an overall loss of volume across facial skin. Volume loss is a natural part of aging, but can also be caused by exposure to UV rays and other harmful elements over a long period of time. Facial fillers are injected into problem areas as a method for flattening wrinkles and skin folds. Historically, collagen used to be the most popular filler, but dermatologists now have numerous other substances available that have shown to produce many longer-lasting effects. This allows us to create a far more customizable plan to treat our exact needs and get the ideal results for our trouble areas! 

St. Louis cosmetic treatments are a versatile solution to fine lines and wrinkles and have proven highly effective at treating many areas, such as harsh lines between the eyebrows, laugh lines that run from the nose to the mouth, worry lines that develop along the forehead, crow’s feet that extend from the corner of the eyes, or injections in the lips to enhance the overall shape and volume of the face. Many patients worry that injections will result in a puffy, or unnatural look that may include swollen lips or cheekbones, however, these injections are administered in doses that result in highly-natural-looking and smooth results. A skilled physician will always take time to examine a patient’s skin prior to treatment and develop a plan for injections that result in natural-looking final effects.

Facial Fillers For Fine Lines & Wrinkles

The natural aging process lends itself to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. As collagen production decreases, the skin begins to lose overall elasticity. While these changes may not be as noticeable in many areas of the body, men and women alike often turn to cosmetic assistance in the fight against wrinkles that develop on the face, particularly around the mouth and eyes. When it comes to treating these wrinkles, the FDA has approved many different injections and methods to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, and ultimately to smooth and soften the surface of facial skin.

Picking and choosing just the right type of facial filler begins with a thorough consultation and exam with a cosmetic professional in order to determine the product that can best achieve the desired results. In the majority of cases, the solution will be a combination of products that each works to create a smooth, full effect based on your ideal results. Below are only a few of the popular options.

Botox is a popular option for many patients who are looking for soft-looking results, such as softened lines or targeting “tired lines” and wrinkles. Botox relaxes muscles at the injection point so that they naturally smooth out and remain that way until the next set of injections.

Dysport is considered a close equivalent to Botox, with a slightly different formulation to work well with different skin types. Xeomin is often selected by patients looking to improve the look of wrinkles that line the forehead while Bolotero is the product of choice for patients looking to treat problem areas concentrated around the lips, nose, and even the neck.

Juvederm is an injectable that targets the development of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and nose. This extremely precise injection is a filler that comes with the added benefit of long-lasting results. Many patients use this filler annually depending on where they are being treated, and this facial filler can also be a filler used for lip plumping. 

Radisse is an even more specific product choice for patients that struggle with volume loss around the mouth, while those that choose to use Restylane will enjoy the benefit of increased Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) after injections, meaning a stronger collection of cell surface proteins.

Lip Fillers

Maybe you aren’t looking for facial fillers for fine lines and wrinkles, but you still want to enhance your facial features. Lip fillers are another type of esthetic procedure that’s gained popularity over the last several years and offer many treatment options. Many patients seek treatment and services to make lips look both larger and fuller as a way of contouring the face to the desired shape or highlighting specific focal points. Many patients choose to enhance lip size as a route to achieving a more youthful overall look.

In the majority of cases, lip fillers are injectable solutions that work to temporarily enhance the size and volume of lips. Lip fillers are injected into both the top and bottom lip to adequately enhance the patient’s facial features while maintaining a natural, contoured look. Lip fillers are considered a non-invasive treatment option and many patients are able to achieve desired results through the completion of a 30-minute session. While the lifespan of fillers will vary, patients electing this process should understand upfront that lip fillers are recommended as a regular series of injections that must be maintained in order to keep the desired results in place. What may last for nearly a year in one patient may not last as long for another, so like any procedure, results will be patient-specific and different over time.

Before and After a lip flip procedure using neurotoxin injections.

Types of Lip Fillers 

As with any cosmetic procedure, picking the most ideal type of lip filler is all about personal preference, the problem we’re trying to solve together, and the desired results. Looking to achieve a more natural-looking result? You may want to consider a fat transfer process, where the lip filler that’s injected has first been removed as fat cells from another part of your body. We make a tiny incision to remove the fat cells, which provides the added benefit of no scarring. Reinjecting a patient’s own fat cells into both the lower and upper lip provides a softening effect, and means that the patient doesn’t have to worry about allergic reactions to synthetic injections – since these are your very own cells we’re repurposing!

The synthetic injections that are commonly used for lip fillers are difficult to distinguish from materials that the body naturally produces but still come with a slight risk for allergic reactions. These injections are developed to mimic Hyaluronic Acid and are marketed under familiar names such as  Restylane, Xeomin, Cellfina, and Radiesse. As mentioned above, some facial fillers have multiple uses and can be used on the lips as well as other areas of the face. While some prefer a long-lasting effect may choose a filler such as Juvaderm, others who are seeking a “trial and error” option may prefer a filler like Restylane, known for its 6-month lifespan and lower cost. 

The Benefits of Facial Filler Cosmetic Treatments

These facial fillers provide a simple method for administering injections that can be done quickly and in-office. Procedures are efficient and require little to no downtime. Neurotoxin injections (such as Botox, a popular option for patients) immobilize the muscles at the injection site. When these muscles are immobilized, the skin remains smooth and crease-free, ultimately reducing the appearance of pesky wrinkles and smooths out facial skin. 

Safety & Pain

As an outpatient cosmetic procedure, facial filler injections are done in-office, allowing patients to avoid the risks associated with hospital stays or complications from general anesthesia. For most facial filler procedures, a local or topical anesthetic may be used to help manage pain or discomfort, but nothing as serious or risky as general anesthesia. 

The majority of patients report swelling and redness at the injection sites, but these typically disappear within a day or two after treatment. Follow up pain associated with facial fillers is commonly treated with over the counter painkillers, is generally minimal, and many patients report needing no pain medication after treatment at all. Many patients return to their everyday activities shortly after receiving treatment and make the injection series a part of a monthly or bi-monthly routine as recommended by their physician. Patients should always have a thorough consultation prior to receiving facial fillers to determine the potential for an allergic reaction and to determine which method of filler is appropriate, but luckily there are options for nearly all desired outcomes and health needs!

Recovery and Results of Facial Fillers

Perhaps the only thing better than a refreshed, clean, and youthful face, patients are able to walk out of the office on their own and get back to their busy day and are confident showing off their rested look in the next day’s Zoom meetings. At most, patients have reported redness or sensitivity at the treatment site for a few days following the procedure, but this type of discomfort is easily treated with over the counter pain medication as needed. 

Patients who are looking to completely eliminate the potential for procedural discomfort can always request to have anesthetic cream applied to the treatment area prior to the procedure. Similarly, physicians will often offer patients an ice pack to apply to the area to reduce the potential for swelling once treatment is complete. While minimal results can be seen on the day of treatment, the most drastic changes with facial injections are often seen within a few weeks following treatment as the muscles absorb the full effect of the injections. 

Get Started With Facial Fillers In St. Louis!

Perhaps the best part of getting facial fillers is how easy it is to start the process! It’s as simple as contacting St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center for an open appointment, discussing your ideal outcomes with Dr. Wright and our team, and getting the injection scheduled! We’re here to help you talk through what you’re looking for and how we can help you get those desired results to feel your best in your next Zoom meeting! Before you know it, colleagues will be asking you what your secret is for such a restful and fresh look.