Safety Measures & a Virtual Doctor Consultation

virtual doctor consultation

If you have been keeping track of the news lately, you may have noticed that the novel coronavirus is changing the world completely. The sudden onset of COVID-19 has brought the country to a screeching halt, including the cosmetic surgery industry, making sure appropriate changes are made. This can directly impact you if you have been planning on an elective surgery or operation. Fortunately, the cosmetic industry is making sure to take care of their patients through a virtual doctor consultation and improved safety standards implementing in each office. We are excited to announce similar plans for the St. Louis Laser Vein Center here in Missouri.

Safety Guidelines in Our Offices

The Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization have provided several different safety recommendations for how everyone can stay safe during the outbreak of COVID-19. Many of these safety recommendations and guidelines can easily be implemented in medical offices including our own. The first and most shared safety recommendation is establishing social distancing. This recommendation asks everyone to stay six feet away from one another. This distance allows individuals to be far enough from others who can spread COVID-19 through a sneeze or a cough. If you do need to sneeze or cough, make sure you do so in your elbow or into a tissue. Please do not be offended if we do not shake your hand but instead provide you with a comforting nod or smile to acknowledge you in the office.

An additional practice we will be implementing in our office is having additional hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes available. COVID-19 can spread through direct contact. By having additional sanitizing supplies on hand, we can make sure everyone entering the building can apply sanitizer to their hands. We have always ensured our patient rooms are cleaned before and after every visit. Every surface that you may come into contact with will be thoroughly cleaned. This includes the exam table, exam bed, counter tops, doorknobs, light buttons, chairs, handles, and anything else someone can come into contact with.

Just as we place utmost importance with our patient’s safety, we will do the same for our staff members as well. Our consultations with our patients will include questions regarding any symptoms of respiratory infections. If any patient has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or any other respiratory infection, we will ask them to reschedule their appointment. This is done to make sure each staff member is not exposed to COVID-19. We will also ask all patients to adhere to proper respiratory hygiene. This includes proper cough and hand hygiene and asking patients to wear face masks.

As you can see, we want to make sure all of our patients and staff remain safe once our doors are open again. When you choose the St Louis Laser Vein Center you will know your health and safety is taken into consideration.

Attend a Virtual Consultation

The nature of the COVID-19 crisis is changing every day, making offices such as ours figure out new ways to meet with patients. If you had a consultation or procedure scheduled for April, it can be disheartening having to reschedule. We want to make sure our patients are taken care of with virtual consultations to help you get started. A virtual consultation may be scary for those who hate technology or prefer an in-person meeting but our staff will make sure you are properly set up.

What makes our virtual consultation stand apart from all the others is the dedication our knowledgeable will have to you. The St. Louis Laser Vein Center is known for high quality procedures and state of the art technology used for every patient. Our virtual consultation will explain every step of your possible procedure before you commit to anything. A brief medical questionnaire will make sure you are an ideal candidate for the procedure being discussed. We will only recommend a procedure that you are an ideal candidate for to ensure your safety and successful results. Virtual consultations will also let you ask any questions you have regarding the procedure without having to leave your home. We understand the safety precautions of the current COVID-19 pandemic and our virtual consultations will follow all recommendations given by the CDC and WHO. Think of virtual consultations as your “social hour” but one dedicated to your upcoming cosmetic procedure you are looking for.

The Laser Vein Center is Here to Help You

Our staff is here to ensure your safety during this novel crisis. Take advantage of our top of the line safety precautions and virtual consultations making sure you stay safe. Call today to schedule your virtual consultation or schedule an upcoming procedure. Dr. Wright and his team will always be here to ensure your cosmetic procedure is handled with the utmost care and dedication.