Vein Treatment for Face & Hand

Vein Treatment

Unsightly veins can appear all over our body as we get older. However, some of the most noticeable areas where veins can develop are around our face and hands. We use our hands every day and faces are the main focus in any social environment. Fortunately, there are many options for vein treatment that can help you get rid of these unwanted veins.

VeinWave for Facial Vein Treatment

Prominent veins can develop on our faces naturally or as a side effect of facial reconstructive surgery. When completing this facial vein treatment, we provide the finishing touch with a round of VeinWave therapy. VeinWave is a very brief and pain-free procedure that helps remove spider veins that develop in facial skin tissue. We use radiofrequency energy to cause the spider veins to permanently close and be absorbed into the body. VeinWave can even be used to treat veins on your cheeks and side of your nose to completely remove unwanted veins on the face.

Hand Vein Sclerotherapy

Unlike facial veins that are spread out and thin, hand veins can appear as large bulging veins. This can cause the hands of many women to appear unusually muscular and have an “old lady look.” While hands can reveal our true age, our technicians are able to hide it with hand vein sclerotherapy. This incredible vein treatment procedure is quick, easy and virtually painless. Hand vein sclerotherapy is an injectable treatment that causes superficial veins in the hands to permanently close and be absorbed back into the body. Our hands and arms have several veins that return blood back to our heart, making this procedure easy on the body. At least one arm vein will remain in your hands to allow future medications and treatments to be administered if required. The best part of hand vein sclerotherapy is that it is virtually painless and does not require any form of anesthetic. The only recovery you need is keeping a compression bandage on your hands for the two hours after your procedure. With such a simple procedure and recovery there is no reason why hand vein sclerotherapy would not work for you.

Treat Your Facial and Hand Veins Today

Start to feel better about your looks again today with these treatments available at the Laser Vein Center. Dr. Wright and his team of technicians will walk every patient through these minimally invasive procedures during your free consultation. Simply give us a call today and see if you are an ideal candidate for facial and hand vein treatments.