5 Myths About Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins

Venous disorders can easily sneak up on you later in life, causing potential vein issues. In fact, approximately 50-55% of all women will experience venous disorders in some way. Varicose veins are one of the most common form of venous disorders, but even with such a high prevalence rate, there are still many misconceptions. Here are five myths about varicose veins you need to know:

Veins are Always Visible

One of the biggest myths is varicose veins is the assumption that they are always visible. Most varicose vein symptoms include bulging appearances and discoloration of the skin. However, our deepest veins in our legs are just as susceptible to developing a venous disorder, but these can’t be seen. Fortunately, ultrasound technology now allows us to detect these hidden veins.

A Simple Cosmetic Issue

Another incorrect assumption about varicose veins is that it is just a cosmetic issue. Varicose veins are different from spider veins and can cause aching and throbbing in the legs. When left untreated, varicose veins can lead to additional and more advanced vein issues.

Caused by Wearing High Heels

A common myth regarding varicose veins is that they are caused by wearing high heels and crossing your legs. However, varicose veins have no single cause and can develop from a variety of lifestyle choices. It is recommended that if you have a family history of varicose veins that you keep up an active lifestyle that encourages blood flow in your legs.

Invasive Procedures

Many believe that treating varicose veins requires an invasive procedure that will leave you with a significant recovery time. Technology has evolved, and with it the treatment options for varicose veins. Most treatments use noninvasive techniques to keep you pain-free and have you walking immediately after it is over.

Not Covered by Insurance

Lastly, many believe that insurance will not cover a varicose vein treatment. While no two insurance plans are ever the same, we often see insurance plans covering at least part of the procedure, if not the entire thing! Make sure to check with your insurance provider for details.

Choosing the Laser Vein Center for Your Varicose Veins Treatment

If you are in need of varicose veins treatment, make sure to contact the Laser Vein Center today. Our highly-trained team is led by Dr. Wright and has years of experience treating this debilitating condition. Call today for your free consultation and see how varicose vein treatment can help get rid of the aching and throbbing in your legs!