The Top Ways to Treat Spider Veins

Spider Vein Treatment

Are seeing those tiny veins popping up in a less than attractive manner. Sure, you may think they are just a common condition and can’t be effectively treated. However, there a several different methods to eliminate these spider veins.

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins, or telangiectasia, are essentially veins with thin walls located on the surface of the skin. These veins are different from other surface veins as they are dilated, which causes them to be more visible. They often appear as blue, red, or purple threadlike veins that occur in patches. The often appear on the legs, face and hands—although they can appear almost anywhere on the body.

The cause is generally related to vein disease or trauma. Influence factors for spider veins can include genetics, age, hormones, and occupations that require standing for long periods. The placement of the spider veins depends on the causes. For instance, facial spider veins can be the result of rosacea, sun damage or a skin disease. Those on the chest and trunk may be the result of sun damage or certain diseases such as liver cirrhosis.

Treating Spider Veins

There are several options for spider vein treatment, and the most effective treatment will depend on the location and cause.

For facial spider veins, the best treatment is a light-based procedure such as a laser or IPL, or radiofrequency treatments such as those delivered by Veinwave. If the veins on the face are larger, they may be better treated through sclerotherapy. Interestingly, for spider veins on the legs, larger veins are better treated via techniques such as Veinwave, while the smaller veins will respond better to sclerotherapy. Spider veins located on the chest and trunk are best treated through a combination of both laser therapy and Sclerotherapy.

A Consultation is the First Step

Because the underlying causes of spider veins can vary, it is important to receive a correct diagnosis. An experience vein specialist, such as Dr. Wright, will be able to recognize the underlying causes to ensure that any possible medical condition causing the spider veins be identified and treated.

If you want to know more about spider veins, the causes, and the treatment, we invite you to schedule a consultation. We will discuss and examine your case so that you can receive the very best treatment.