5 Things to Know About Hand Veins

hand veins

When we look at typical signs of aging, our hands often come to mind—especially the appearance of veins. Here are five interesting facts about hand veins.

1. Hands Age Faster

It is interesting to note that the hands will age faster than other parts of the body. The hands may experience veins that protrude and/or bulge due to a few factors, including:

• Loss of fat and collage
• Loss of skin/vein wall elasticity
• Loss of water within the tissues

2. Veins May Be a Result of Exercise

Veins in the hands and arms may also appear as a result of exercise. When you exercise, your blood pressure increases, causing blood to pool around the muscles, causing them to swell and harden. The veins are then pushed upward, making them appear. This type of vein appearance will usually subside shortly after your exercise period ends and your blood pressure returns to normal.

3. Hand Veins May Be a Sign of Vascular Issues

Bulging hand veins that are not age-related or exercise-related may be associated with vascular disease caused by blood and/or lymph vessel issues, including clots or other obstructions.

4. Treating Hand Veins

Depending upon your individual case, there are several treatments available. At St. Louis Laser Vein Center, we offer several treatments and procedures that can help alleviate the look of hand veins. The first step is to evaluate and diagnose the vein appearance. It is especially important to rule out more serious causes such as vascular disease that may require a different treatment.

For cosmetic issues, Sclerotherapy is standard treatment. During this procedure, a special solution is injected into the veins that will cause them to close up and be absorbed by the body. This is an especially effective treatment when the underlying cause is vein disease. Other treatment options include injecting a temporary cosmetic filler into the hands such as Restylane or Radiesse. The fillers can thicken the skin and lessen appearance of veins and improve skin tone and elasticity. The drawback to temporary fillers is that they need to be repeated to keep the hands looking younger.

5. Diagnosis and Treatment is Easy and Comfortable

If you are concerned with the look of unsightly veins in your hands, and you want to also ensure that they are not caused by a more serious condition, we invite you to contact us for a consultation. We will evaluate your case and provide you with the proper treatment options. Our overall goal is to ensure your vein health and provide the desired results!