Get More Youthful Looking Hands Through Vein Treatment

Treatment for Hand Veins in our St. Charles County OfficeAs we look for methods to reduce the signs of aging, the arms and hands are often overlooked. We look after our faces to smooth and push back the signs of aging. However, the hands and arms often produce telltale signs of aging. The skin becomes thinner and our hands lose volume. This creates a look of raised veins in the hands and other signs that can add years to our appearance.

You can actually look healthier and younger by simply improving the appearance of the hands and arms. By treating the prominent veins through sclerotherapy, the signs of aging in the hands and arms can be reduced.

Hand vein sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive and relatively pain free procedure that can help you regain a more youthful appearance. In fact, the procedure will result in dramatic and long-lasting results that are almost immediately apparent.

The Hand Sclerotherapy Procedure

This procedure is very similar to the technique used to reduce the appearance of varicose veins in the legs. A series of small injections of a sclerosing agent is injected under the skin and into the veins. The walls of the veins will then close or collapse, after which they will be absorbed by the body. The body will naturally re-route the blood through nearby healthy veins.

The procedure will take about 30 minutes to complete. Because of the delicate nature of the hands, only one half of the hand is treated at a time. After the procedure, small compression bandages will be worn for about two days.

Risks Associated with Hand Vein Sclerotherapy

In the majority of cases, there are no significant risks associated with this procedure. Bruising may occur, but is very rare. You may experience mild swelling and tenderness, but these will resolve themselves quickly.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy for the Hands

There are many benefits to this procedure including:

  • Smoother, more youthful-looking hands
  • Short treatment time
  • No general anesthesia or hospitalization is required
  • No scarring
  • You can return to your normal routine immediately

EVRF Treatments

You can also treat these veins with EVRF technology, which is a laser-based procedure that uses radiofrequency ablation. The basis of this type of procedure uses thermocoagulation to heat the veins causing them to coagulate. These veins will then be absorbed into the body.

If you want to get more youthful looking hands by getting rid of those unsightly veins, consult a knowledgeable physician to discuss the options that will be best for you.