Dr. Wright Recognized by American Medical Association

Dr. Wright recently received a prestigious award from the American Medical Association, this time for his dedication to continuing his training as one of the top phlebologists in the nation. The Physician’s Recognition Award was established by the AMA in 1968 to recognize doctors who continue to keep up with the current medical knowledge year after year. In the ever-changing landscape of medical science, it is important for doctors to keep up on the latest techniques. Dr. Wright earned the award after completing an average of 50 units per year of continuing education that meets the strict standards of the AMA.

By continuing his training, Dr. Wright has been able to provide his patients with the latest advances in vein and cosmetic treatments. Some of the techniques he is now able to offer include VeinWave radiofrequency spider vein treatment and Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) for varicose veins. These techniques are safer, more efficient, and promise improved outcomes over older vein treatments. This is what the PRA was designed to encourage: better patient options made available through the latest physician training. Dr. Wright’s award is recognition for the dedication he continues to show his patients.

Dr. Wright is next slated to receive the PRA in 2017, when his current award is no longer recognized. Thanks to his continuing education and training, he fully expects to be recognized by the AMA during the next award period. It’s no wonder he was recently named a Top Doctor in the St. Louis region, as well as nationally.